Wifey Wednesday- Does He Make You Cry?



Today’s topic over at Sheila’s blog is:  Does your hubby make you cry?  YES!  but not necessarily in the way you would think, nor in the way he made me cry in the early years of our marriage. {just a side note, nobody makes you cry, in my opinion.  You allow something someone says or does to frustrate or upset you.  So, when I say Mike “made” me cry I am not blaming him for that choice.}

Anyways, when we first were together and sorting out the ins and outs of marriage Mike and I would frequently misunderstand each other.  This would often lead to tears {shed by me, of course}.  You enter marriage with expectations. Ahhh…there is the problem.  We enter marriage expecting our partner to act a certain way, treat us a certain way, meet our needs, etc. etc.  When I think back on the expectations I had of Mike whenwe first met, it brings me to tears that he has stuck with me this long!

And that is how he makes me cry today {most of the time}.  It is very rare in our marriage that I cry out of frustration, anger or hurt feelings.  Not to say that I don’t experience those emotions but we have learned how to communicate effectively enough that it doesn’t escalate to the tears point (unless I am PMSing and don’t tell Mike I admitted to that}. 

Today I cry when I think of how blessed I am to have a husband who has stuck with me through very ugly times, who is my champion and cheerleader,who expands his comfort zone every day in order to be the best husband possible.  I cry when I think of him sitting by my hospital bed, refusing to leave even to shower {stinky} and going down to the cafeteria and bringing his food right back to my bedside.  I cry when I think of the man he has allowed God to grow him in to compared to the man I met almost fourteen years ago.   I cry when I think of the man he already was back then, despite the trials and difficulties he had faced in his life, that he would allow himself to fall in love with a pregnant girl who pushed him away every chance she got because she was so afraid of being hurt.

I cry when I picture us twenty years from now, being grandparents together {and my boys know it better be 20 years from now}.  I cry when I think of how God has healed my heart to the point that I can love my husband as much as I do.

So, yes, Mike makes me cry.  But nine times out of ten, it’s the good tears.


  1. That’s so beautiful, Melissa! I would say that in our marriage, that’s the same. I cry now because of how blessed I am. We’re taking two whole weeks to be together when the kids are at camp this summer, and I’m so looking forward to it! It will definitely be better than our honeymoon.

    In the early years I had too many expectations, and those made me cry. Like you, I frequently misunderstood what he was saying (and assumed he meant the worst). But we stuck it out, and things are so much better now.

    I wish people would remember to stick it out. Things can look bleak at some points, but it won’t always be like that. It really won’t. The good tears are coming!

  2. Thank you Sheila! I wish more people would stick it out too! It is God’s plan and when you invite Him to be a part of your marriage it is so worth sticking it out for!

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