Not Me Monday

If you are not familiar with Not Me Mondays, be sure to check it out and join in the fun at My Charming Kids.

~I did not ignore all the outdoor chores beckoning me last week because it was too hot and I was relishing the air conditioning.
~I did not treat myself to a milkshake from Dairy Queen because I met my goal of writing a 1000 words for my upcoming book. I don’t need ice cream for motivation- sheesh!
~I did not fall asleep and end up taking a SIX hour nap, sleeping through a “date” with a friend (who knew me well enough to know I had fallen asleep and leave me that way). I am not in danger of sleeping a day away without supervision.
~I am NOT busy thinking of a low fat way to motivate myself to meet my 2000 word goal for this week.

What have you NOT done and lived to laugh about this week? Feel free to share!


  1. Those are great! I am NOT having preggo cravings for a Dairy Queen Milkshake right now.

  2. A low fat way to treat yourself? Try Tasty Delight! Or some frozen yogurt! Not necessarily the same as ice cream…but still tasty!

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