Wifey Wednesday- Peace Maker?




Today, Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum brought up the question, does your husband provide you peace

In our case the answer is usually yes!  There is no one that can calm me down faster than Mike, and those that know me in real life know that I tend to be a crazy woman little highstrung.  When I am upset about something, from a little thing like not liking a new haircut to a major thing like bad news from the doctor, I automatically reach for my phone and call my hubby.  Good news, bad news or just to get a pick me up, he is the one I want to talk to.  His arms around me can ground me faster than anything else.

I have a close and personal relationship with the Lord!  I go to Him with all these things too.  And I truly believe that he sent Mike into my life to be my peace maker in the flesh.  God made me, He knew my design- tightly wound, compulsive, and He knew the experiences that would shape me and make it difficult for me to trust men and be vulnerable.

God’s design for me was to marry Mike, I wholeheartedly believe that!  One thing that can try to steal my peace quicker than anything else is an argument with my hubby.  Anytime there is distance between us, it is like the ground under my feet is less stable.  Yes, I know God is there and will never leave me but I know why He wants us to deal in love in our human relationships.  Conflict erupts the peace and is contrary to the design God has for my marriage.

I love this meme and am glad Sheila got me thinking about my husband in this light- Mike is a huge peace maker, peace keeper in my life and I am glad for the opportunity to recognize that today. 

Thank you God for bringing this calm, soothing man in to my life!  You always know what your children need.  Amen


  1. i love your writing style and blog 😉

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