Wifey Wednesday- My Hubby, my Friend?


My husband is my best friend.  I think your husband should be but that is just my opinion.  Today, Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum is talking about intimacy and friendship on Wifey Wednesday.

Does Mike being my best friend mean that I don’t have close relationships with my girlfriends?  Of course not!  There are things, such as love of chocolate, weight and clothes that my hubby just doesn’t get.  But, that being said he is the first person I want to go to when I have good news (I finished writing a Bible study), bad news (there are new lesions visible on your MRI), funny news, sad news, I need to make a decision news- everything.  I take it to Mike first.

Actually, second.  I take my issues (good and bad) to God and then to my husband.  And most of the time we then take the issues back to God together. 

Do I still enjoy a girls night out to go watch a chick flick or get a pedicure?  You betcha…but there is no friend like my best friend.


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