Wifey Wednesday- what color are your glasses?


Today’s topic for Wifey Wednesdsays is a great one.  What lens do you look at your hubby through?  Sheila, from To Love, Honor and Vacuum mentions the Father lens, the bad relationship lens, the Pathetic Man lens, The He’s Always Right lens, The My kids are my Main Concern right now lens and the Men are Evil University lens.  When I started to think about the lens I viewed my hubby through (and still do when I am in the flesh) I immediately thought of the Kelly Clarkson song, Miss Independent.

See, I grew up in a house with a very domineering and controlling father.  So, I became determined at a very young age that NO ONE was going to tell me what to do, especially not a man.  Whenever Mike made a suggestion of how we should handle a situation (whether he was right or not) I would automatically get defensive and angry.  In the early years of our marriage I would say no to most things Mike suggested just to prove to him (and myself) that I could.

My Miss Independent glasses have been rearing their ugly head again lately as I live with chronic illness.  There are times that I have to rely on my hubby for assistance, have him remind me to do things and depend on him for many things I didn’t in the past.  This is such a struggle for me when I am viewing him through that lens.  When I have on the Miss Independent glasses I see a father rather than a husband, a boss rather than a partner.  I end up resenting Mike for being a good person, because of my old issues.

Thankfully, I have a heavenly Father who transforms me through the renewing of my mind (see Romans 12:2).  Only through Him am I able to take off my Miss Independent glasses and see my hubby through God’s eyes- a devoted and loving husband who takes his marriage vows seriously and loves me more than anyone else on earth.  I like the view from those glasses the best!


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