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I am applying to be a 5’4 1/2″ 171lb. social experiment.  Given that my undergrad major was psychology, I love social experiments.  The desire to understand human behavior and what motivates change.  So, when Leah from Bookieboo announced on Twitter that she was launching Mamavation I was immediately drawn to the concept: organize a team of experts and cheerleaders to encourage one mom in her fitness journey.  Then, and almost as immediately, I was drawn to the concept that the one mom should could be me. 
Why do I want to be the Mamavation mom? My fitness and overall health have been on my mind a lot lately.  I have gained 15 lbs in the last year and almost 40 in the last two and a half.  While I could sit here and make legitimate excuses for this, the fact remains that my doctor has been encouraging me to do something about my ever increasing waist line for a while.  And I have ignored him.  I have turned to food to comfort me, soothe me and have all but given up on physical activity.  I have developed a defeatist attitude instead of treating my body like the temple I know that it is.
And, shame on me for that.  Women (and men for that matter) in my family have heart attacks young.  My paternal grandmother had a heart attack in her 50’s, my Dad had just turned 50 when he had his and my maternal aunt died in her late 40’s from a massive heart attack.  I am on medicine for high blood pressure and my cholesterol is high.  What more motivation does this mama need?
Apparently, I need accountability in a major way.  I am motivated by deadlines, obligation and encouragement.  That is what Mamavation is all about.  I need someone spelling it out for me and then holding my feet to the fire.  My type-A overachieving self would eat that up (rather than junk food :-))  I want to be healthy for my kids, for my hubby and most importantly for me.  I want to be around for a long time yet, God willing.  I have a strike against my health with MS but that is all the more reason I should be taking my overall fitness seriously!  That is why, against my reserved nature, I made the following entry to be the Mamavation Mom.  Here goes:


  1. Awwww Melissa you are such a dollface and a strong woman to show who you really are! We love who you are! I hope you WIN!

  2. Thank you for all your honesty…and I loved your poem!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your very REAL struggle with us. I do hope that even if you do not become the Mamavation mom… that you will still follow along with us in the Mamavation group on

    Much Love,


  4. kudos for baring your bod and soul for all to see how much you really want this!

  5. Great job on the video! You are so brave, girl!! I’m totally rooting for you and when the voting goes live, I’m voting for you. You deserve this!

  6. After reading your post and watching your video you are truly willing to put yourself out there and with some help accomplish your goal.
    I feel your pain, I keep going up and up in weight and everytime I get dressed and my clothes are harder and harder to put on it becomes more and more disturbing.
    Good luck!

  7. Good luck Melissa. After reading your post we have several things in common.

    I use to be a size 8, I’m 5’4″ and weight 171 as well and I’m working on trying to lose the extra pounds for my health and boost my energy.

    Good luck and great job on the video – I can REALLY relate to it.

  8. Aw, Melissa!!

    I know that you can do it…thank you for being transparent and revealing yourself. That is the first step to success. Acknowledging your weaknesses and the willpower to do something about it.

    I hope you win, but even if you don’t you are already a winner in my book! You can do this, personal accountability is tough but worth it in the long run!!

    I’m rooting for you!! 🙂

    PS. Your poem was fantastic:)

  9. You can so do this!! What a great way to lay it all on the line, rally up support and hit the ground running!! I love your attitude and I know you will go far!! Whoohooo!!

  10. Dear Melissa,
    Bless your heart. First of all, I love your honesty and transparency. And best of all, you are at the point where you need to be. It’s too painful to stay where you are so change …you must! It sounds like you’re ready.

    I worked as a cardiovascular nurse for 25 years so I know all too well the toll heart attacks and cardiovascular disease take on people and their families. With the family history you mentioned, of course there’s even more motivation to change. After all, you want to be around to see you children grow up and to see your grandchildren too, I imagine.

    But before you go any further, please remember this. What is inside always comes out in one way or another. There are beautiful skinny models who have no substance inside and are very shallow. It sounds like you are a Christian and if so, you have the Holy Spirit within you. And girl, that’s the power that you need to make successful changes. Start viewing your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. You want to take care of it properly so that you can be about the purposes for which God created you. I know that when I’m in shape and eating properly, I have more energy and am so much better at interacting with others.

    Pray each day and submit this day to the Lord. Ask Him for the strength to choose foods wisely and when you have a craving or you’re sad or irritable …run to the Lord and pray instead of the refrigerator or the bag of chips. That’s only temporary satisfaction and then you feel worse afterwards. There are times when I struggle with this too. Especially when I’m stressed, I seem to crave sweets or salt. So, believe me, I still don’t have it all together. But we are a work in progress.

    There are several places I would recommend you check out. On Heart Choices, I participate in a meme called Fitness Friday with my friend Sandy of God Speaks Today. I also have another blogger friend named Lisa Shaw who is going to invite women only with weight issues to her private blog. I will email her so she can also comment on your blog, if that’s OK. YOu will love her. She’s lost weight herself and is the most positive, joyous and encouraging friend you could ever have.

    I hope this message provides some encouragement to you, Melissa. Remember that you are a child of the most high God, the only God and He loves you.

  11. Melissa, you precious young woman, there is MUCH I want to say to you but even more that I will pray for you. My name is Lisa Shaw and my sweet friend Debbie left you the comment above. Everything she said I stand in agreement with so I won’t repeat it other than to say that I’d like to speak with you via Email and also invite you to my private blog: Living A FIT Life. I was almost 300 lbs (245+ to be exact) late 2006. I’m down in the 180’s and have a ways to go. I’m 5’3″ and I’m 43 yrs old. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and minister of the Gospel. I believe we have to view every aspect of our lives through God’s view point and so I shared just a touch of myself with you to tell you where I’m coming from. I’d love to support you on your journey as I continue on mind. I don’t believe in fad diets or drastic measures. I do believe in applying God’s word to my life and eating better and working out. If you’d like that then please reach out to me at

    You are a bright, beautiful and brilliant creation of GOD’s and HE loves you. Time to place that head knowledge into your heart and run with it. I love you already.


  12. You have my VOTE!!! I loved your REAL approach!!! I have committed to getting back in shape and I would love to be 171 again! 🙂
    Hugs to you!
    Smiles – Stacey

  13. Melissa,

    I found you through the bookieboo website. I wanted to say that your video was awesome! I know it took a lot of courage, but to begin to change, you have to ‘get real’ with where you’re starting. Regardless of whether you win the title or not, I pray that you will seek out support either locally or online (there’s tons of free stuff out there) and succeed.

    You’re not alone…not by a long shot. In ten years of marriage, I gained 70 lbs. I’m only 5’4″, so that’s a lot of weight to have on such a small frame. I’ve been struggling with my weight for two years (before that, I didn’t give a rip). I lost 40 lbs, but gained 15 of it back…so I’m getting back on board. My wake up call was when I realized that my son was at my ideal weight, not his. He’s 12 and overweight.

    Change begins with Mom. Well, it changes with the Holy Spirit, but we’re the physical bodies that put change in motion in our families.

    Good luck girl.

  14. MesoWidow says:

    I loved your Mamavation application video. It took a lot of courage to reaveal yourself to the world. I know, I’ve lost 70#s and kept them off for over 5 years. Start with small changes. It can be done and there is a plethora of support for you on Bookieboo. I know how Leah can help your effect change in your life!

    aka RedHeaded Mama’s Mama

  15. I used to be a size 8! Those were good days but hard to maintain. You are beautiful at your current size. Being healthy is the key. You have my vote and I will be on your cheering squad as well! Good luck.

  16. The courage and rawness of your video was very moving. I wish you the best and am rooting for you as you take on this challenge. As Traci said above, remember you are beautiful at your current size. Make your goal to be healthy and not to be a particular size. I know folks who work in the field of “intuitive eating” and with people’s relationships with food. If you want any book recommendations or referrals, please let me know.

    Best of luck.

  17. Melissa – Good Luck! Love your video. So honest and really willing to put yourself out there. You can do it!!

  18. Aww you totally are a dollface!
    Keep on keeping it real, thanks for sharing truly an inspiration to us all!

  19. Way to go…thanks for being Transparent!

  20. Melissa,
    Thank you for such an honest video/submissions. I know you will accomplish all of your goals! Believe in yourself.

  21. Melissa,
    From my first time meeting you until now, I’ve always though of you as a beautiful, inspirational lady. I commend you for opening up about your own challenge with your appearance and sharing your desire to change that about yourself. Given your health challenge with MS, working with your physician is of course a good thing. As I’ve watched my step-mother lose weight after having both knees replaced, it has increased her mobility and overall health. Being a plus-size myself, I cannot relate to having worn size 8 or size 10, so watching your transformation through your vlog may be of benefit to myself as well as to countless others who struggle with being over-weight. Thank you for sharing your journey.


  22. I love this! I fully support your journey and believe you should be picked!


  23. Congrats on having the courage to do this! Good luck! I know that no matter what, we “mamavation mamas” will support each other!

  24. You go girl! You can do it! =) @HolisticMom

  25. Melissa!! You are so deserving of this! Rooting for you and you have my total support! {just like you always lend me yours!} XOXO

  26. I hope you get it, I tweeted for you!


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