Not My Child Monday

Have you ever had one of those days that your kids made you want to turn your head and deny the fact that they were birthed from your loins? I have had a few of those this week:

~My 5 year old nephew (who is staying with us right now)did NOT come to my hubby with palm opened and say “Uncle Mike, this fell out”. The object in his palm was NOT a turd and we were NOT at Chik-Fil-A. I did NOT laugh so hard when hubby told me this story that I peed myself.

~ My eleven year old did NOT take a half arsed shower for the first time in three days, get out semi wet and put on the same clothes he wore the day before and slept in. We are a family that values hygiene, sheesh!

~ My just turned thirteen year old did NOT announce that his plan B if he does NOT make it into the NBA after college is to become President (of the United States). He is NOT the shortest kid in his class, he does NOT have ego issues and darn it, that boy is going places someday, I tell you. bball

What did your spawn NOT do this week? Go ahead, no judgement here!


  1. That is too funny and SUPER gross about the poop! Especially since it was at Chickfila! Kind of hard to get a good scrubbing in a public bathroom!

  2. Oh My….I enjoyed reading your very cute post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Holy smokes…we have issues with poop and it falling out…

    At least it wasn’t in the barn!

  4. Oh, those embarrassing moments! And at Chik-Fil-A? Oh my gosh. Your 13 year old sounds like he certainly has plans for his life. And the shower episode; too cute! It sounds like a boy. At least I hope it’s a boy. LOL.

  5. #1 oh my! LOL.

    I think that your 13 year old WILL make something of himself!!! No worries about dreaming too small.

  6. OH I love the poop one!!!

  7. Your 11-year-old sounds like my 11-year-old… he’s pulled stunts like that. Regular showers and clean clothing are a constant, ongoing argument for us LMAO It really makes me mad, because everything is washed in my little hand-crank, non-electric washer, so darnit, if I’m going to the trouble of washing them, he’d darn well better be WEARING the clean clothes!

  8. Can SO identify…posted “Not My Child Monday” here:

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