BlogHer 09 The Quick Recap

bh09-1501The things I learned at BlogHer will take more than one post, time to collect my thoughts (and notes) and more cognitive energy than I possess after this whirlwind weekend. But, I wanted to post a quick recap of the things I learned in Chicago.

  1. When you visit Chicago you will walk your arse off.  Wear comfortable shoes and know how to read a map.  Don’t bother asking for directions because people will either be rude or ignore you all together.
  2. Navy Pier rocks!  It looks like you are looking at the ocean rather than Lake Michigan.
  3. Do not walk on Navy Pier when you are hungry and in the running to be the Mamavation mom.  You will only walk past a bazillion vendors, tempting you with their fried dough smothered in straight to your hips chocolate sauce.  The Haagen Daaz booth, the Ben and Jerry’s- it was torture.
  4. I am learning self control when it comes to food.  As it turns out I did not eat any of the above.  I got a fruit and walnut salad from Mickey D’s and a diet coke.  Go me!
  5. Some women crave drama and attention.  They will go to ridiculous lengths to get said attention and it is incredibly irritating and disappointing.
  6. On the flip side, the blogosphere is full of genuine, friendly and awesome gals from all blogs walks of life that will hug you, laugh with you, cry with you, share knowledge with you and connect with you on a soul sister level.
  7. A relatively normal sized hotel will seem GIGANTIC when you have to be from one end to the other, balancing a plate, in under five minutes.  Your room will seem smaller and smaller as all the swag gets dumped and you run off to the next party educational session.
  8. Being away from your hubby and kids is not as much fun as you think it will be.  You will be looking at all the sites and wishing they were there to share them with.
  9. The Starbucks in the Safeway does not serve food, no matter which entrance you come through.  Just ask @scrappinmichele.
  10. Homemaker Barbi is the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen.  She is also a fabulous mentor and a sweet friend who was even brave enough to give me my MS shot. (I’m too chicken to do it myself)
  11. They call it beauty sleep for a reason.
  12. Social Luxe and EA Sports Active know how to throw parties.  Some others do not.
  13. BlogHer should never claim to be experts at event planning.
  14. You can wear slippers to a cocktail party, put on a tiara and feel like a princess.
  15. Shuttles to the airport suck.
  16. Women can now pee standing up, it is awesome to win a Kodak video camera and Croc flip-flops are comfy!
  17. I want to learn how to use Whrrl.
  18. Women should not run around naked if such a sight is going to cause the people subjected to it to have nightmares about what their body could end up looking like someday.  Actually, they just shouldn’t run around naked in a hotel, period.  I’m pretty sure most people know that.
  19. The decibel in which a woman screams when she matches a person with their avatar will make your ears bleed.
  20. I am so glad I went.

More about my travel adventures, lessons learned and why I think “mommyblogging” gets a bad rap sometimes when I have had enough sleep to make me eyes turn from bloodshot to green again.  Thanks Homemaker Barbi and Parentella for making my trip possible!


  1. How exciting! From reading your post, I could actually visualize the entire event. I am now hearing high pitched screams in my head! Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. Well said! I had absolutely no restraint when it came to food this weekend. In fact, I think most people probably assumed I was training for a food eating competition.

    PS – Amen on #5 and 6. Unavoidable, really, that when you get over a thousand women together there is drama. More surprising that there wasn’t more, frankly.

  3. Great post!!! You know I love you so much and glad you had a mini pizza party at our room!

  4. I love your list. And wow; you were so good with all those tempting vendors. I don’t know if I would have resisted them all. Well maybe except for ice cream. I really hope to attend BlogHer next year in NYC. I joined in on a BlogHop of people who didn’t get to go that Robin of Pensieve started. It was fun blog hopping.

    I look forward to reading more of what you learned. It was a fun list to read so far. Glad you’re home safely and also that you found someone to give you your shot. If I was there, I would have done it too.

  5. Awww,Jen Hinton I love you too. Debbie, you are sweet and I might take you up on that offer next year =) Cara, I agree with you that drama is unavoidable, yet still disappointing! Eve, trust me you will be able to live vicariously through me in my next few BlogHer posts.

  6. I’m so glad that it sounds like fun was had. I’ve been seeing all of the drama posts and feeling like it was a tough event for a lot of people. Sounds like you had a great time, though, and I”m glad of it.

    • Beth, I will admit there was drama and will be writing a separate post on what I think about that. But, I did have fun and worked at the negative stuff not affecting the enjoyment of my trip! Hope you get a chance to go next year!!

  7. Wow sounds so interesting, I love your insight, sounds very realistic. Although I am curious about #16….please provide more info. LOL

  8. Sounds like you had a great time! My mother & grandmother have MS, and they, too, are afraid to do the shots themselves, so I feel your pain.

  9. Katherine Van Leeuwen says:

    About #1…Agree wholeheartedly about the walking, my feet are just not the same and I was there a week before blogher. But about the second part, I just met the nicest people out walking–we would just stop with a map and people asked if we needed help. Now, I’ve lived in CT for 17 years, where people look at anything but you when you’re out and about and just forget about anyone smiling at you, so maybe my expectations are not as high as some–and I don’t know what you’re used to.

  10. So glad I got to meet you and the pizza party in our room was a blast. It was nice to just hang out in a stress-free room with a great group of understanding and supportive ladies and eat hotel pizza at 1 am. Those are the moments I loved and that made me so glad I went.

  11. My Sweet Soul Sista!

    It was such an amazing experience to meet you and see how the Lord empowers you to be a strong woman of faith, a classy blogger in light of negativity around you, and an encouraging friend when someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

    I am incredibly blessed to have met you and look forward to working with you, laughing with you, and ………. maybe…. crying with you (hopefully that won’t happen again).

    *much kisses*

  12. What a great post and I am so happy to have met you. YOu are a beautiful person inside and out, sorry I fell asleep during the pizza party, I am not a late night gal LOL

  13. LOL about the Beauty Sleep. I was not sleeping much at BlogHer if that tells you anything. Ha!

  14. Yep, the Starbucks in the Safeway doesn’t serve food and the Subway is over around and up. Very confusing city. So glad I got to know you better. BlogHer 10 here we come. NYC better watch out!!!

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