Blog Hop- 3 Things About Me

So, today we are talking about three things you don’t already know about me:

1.  I will start with the most obvious given my post from yesterday- I am obese.  Click here for proof.

2.  I would have 10 kids (if my body would cooperate or I had unlimited funds to adopt)

3.  I LOVE anything mango, especially Haagen-Daaz.

What should we know about you?  Join us on the blog hop!

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  1. I’m probably the same size as you! Embrace your curves. I want to be healthy and try to exercise when I can but I don’t beat myself up for it.

    Happy blog hopping!

  2. I’m #98 on the blog hop list. I read your post with the video from yesterday and left you a long comment. Sorry but my heart went out to you. Be healthy but don’t beat yourself up. Let your true beauty shine.

  3. I love anything Haagen- Daaz… mmmm. But if this baby weight is ever going to come off I need to kick the habit! 🙂

    A dear friend of mine (my former piano teacher) was diagnosed with MS a few years ago. I commend you on staying positive and taking steps to improve your health!!

  4. Wish u luck in the contest hope u get picked fingers crossed 4 u hugs

    10 kids uuugh! u don’t know what your saying come read my essay and vote 4 me you’ll change your mind

    thanks 4 sharing

  5. I have been infatuated with Jamba Juice’s mango smoothie. Perfect for our 90 degree weather.

  6. love it….Just blog hopping and enjoyed reading your blog. I love reading about new blog friends….

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