Where or where has she been?

So, I made the move to WordPress. (My move was courtesy of Jessica at SuperNovaWebs.  Didn’t she do an awesome job?) And, I took advantage of the process to catch up on all the busy-ness going on in my life right now.  But, I have MISSED you guys!  This is my place to vent, joke, laugh, share my heart.  So, I am certainly glad to be back at my mama blog.  Let me catch you up on what has been going on the last two weeks in my life (and I would love to know how y’all have been too!  Although if you have a blog I have been trying to keep up with my Google reader as much as possible)

  • I have been streamlining my ministry and business sites to solidify my focus on full-time ministry.  My main site for organizing, working from home advice, frugal living and just being a mama in general is Living Life by Design.  I would love for you to visit and tell me what you think (it is still undergoing some cosmetic changes).  This is also the home of the Frugal WAHM podcast I acquired on Blog Talk Radio.  The podcast covers all the topics mentioned above, from my professional and faith perspective.  It airs live on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon EST and is available for download anytime.  We have some great guests coming up on the show as well.  You can get more details on either site.
  • Of course, I am still doing my Sharing Our Stories podcast, live on Wednesdays at 11am EST.  I really enjoy that time with the listeners and have had some absolutely wonderful guests!  One of the guests was Jill from Forever ‘n Ever ‘n Always.  I had the absolute privilege of meeting her and her husband, Scott as well as their adorable brood last Saturday.  What a time of fellowship, friendship and inspiration.  If you have not visited her blog- Where have you been?  And for those of you that have, I got loved on by Gabriel, Noah sat on my lap, Jordan and Abigail talked my ear off and the boys colored pictures for Mike and I.  What a special day!
  • God is opening doors for me to exercise my speaking and writing abilities all over the place.  I will be leading a 6 week Bible study (that God spoke through my hand) locally as well as virtually.  If you are interested in attending the virtual study Monday mornings in July, please contact me.  I have just a few spots left.  The topic is Faith, Family and Finances and will cover core biblical principles about our resources as well as practical tips on budgeting and living frugally.  In addition, I will be speaking at a wonderful online women’s conference called Dynamic Women of Faith TeleSummit.  You can find out more information by clicking here.  I will be speaking on Staying Fired Up for God (in the midst of chronic illness).  God is doing amazing things through the internet to reach women for His kingdom!  I am also scared to death and paralyzed almost ready to hit publish on my first book.  God is moving so fast I can hardly keep up.
  • God has blessed me with the opportunity to attend the She Speaks conference, sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries in July.  My dad, stepmom and baby brother will also be coming in July as well as Jared going away to overnight camp for the first time.  Do you have a feeling I will have a lot to say in July?
  • One of my other brothers and his girlfriend found out that they are having a boy.  Yup, more testosterone in this family. I am surrounded.
  • I started my new MS treatment and so far have had very few side effects.  Praise the Lord for that.  They are still titrating my dose up to what it will be so please continue to keep me in your prayers.
  • I also finished battling a urinary tract infection, got my blood thinner medication levels straightened out and my boys finished up the school year and are officially on summer break.

Whew!  When you type it all out it seems like A LOT!  But, I am back and looking forward to Wifey Wednesday tomorrow.  Oh, and I got those headshots done I mentioned a while back.  You can see one of the poses at my about page on the top of the blog. 

Happy Tuesday 🙂


  1. Good to hear from you too. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my personal blog myself.

  2. I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?


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