What if?

What if….I woke up in the morning looking for ways to serve, rather than be served?

What if….I woke up and rather than looking at the calendar, asked “what’s on the agenda today, Lord?

What if….I was always on the watch for ways to be a friend to people I do not yet know?

What if….I treated my body like the holy temple it is, would my health and mood improve?

What if….I spent less time worrying about “religion” and more time showing others the Way?

What if….I got out of the way and allowed God to use me with no strings attached?

What if….I looked at others through God’s eyes rather than through my dirty glasses?

What if….I turned off my laptop every time my kids come through the door?

What if….I treated my husband with the same affection I give my new puppy?

What if….I didn’t care what other people think of me?

What if….I grasped the fact that Jesus is ALL I need?

What if….I stopped allowing the busy-ness of life to interfere with the holiness of every moment?

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  1. What if we saturated the internet with the Word of God?

    Great post, thank you!

  2. Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  3. Love your blog, it’s nice to see one with quality information for once. Keep up the good work! I have lots of pet related site if you are interested in a link exchange.

  4. Thank you for sharing this … I needed this reminder as the new year begins. You are such an inspiration in my life!!

  5. Today as I read Acts 4 I was wondering what if I were like Peter and couldn’t help speaking what I’ve seen and heard of Christ? What if I had that kind of courageous passion?

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