Summer Vacations-mine and yours?

We are back from vacation!  As is typical when you have kids, the boys had a much more relaxing and enjoyable time than I.  As mama’s we have the pre-vacation planning and packing, the continued mothering duties during vacation and then the mountain of dirty laundry and unpacking post-vacation.  I do understand the need to have a vacation from a vacation, but the kids had fun, daggone it 🙂

In all seriousness, Mike and I feel very fortunate that we could take our family on vacation this year.  Several guys were laid off from Mike’s company just last week.  The economy has hit many families very hard and “extra’s” like family vacations are often the first things to have to go when money is tight.

There is a movement going on right now to spotlight the importance of time off from work and our hectic schedules and time spent with our loved ones.  Save our Summer Vacation is advocating for the rights of hard working families to take a break from stress, recharge and reconnect with family and friends, have enough space to truly relax and travel in style without breaking the family budget.  You can check out the HomeAway Vacation Rentals and join the movement by visiting HomeAway.  When you sign the petition for this movement, you are entered to win a $10,000 family vacation!!!  Sounds good, huh?

Our vacation cost no way near that and we had a great time.  I can only imagine what kind of destinations you could afford after winning that contest.  Maybe an Alaskan cruise with the whole family? a trip to the Holy Land?  a relaxing week on a private beach?  I could think of many “dream” vacations, how about you?

You can also plan a “stay”cation by staying close to home and relaxing with your family and friends.  Act like a tourist in your local area or region.  Plan day trips.  Camp out in your backyard.  You don’t have to send a lot of money to enjoy some down time with your family.

Do you have summer plans?  Do you have frugal ideas for family vacations?  Please share your stories in the comments!


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  2. Great article – I feel the same way after vacation, but by the same token feel very blessed to be able to take one or two a year – thanks for the link to HomeAway too!

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