Not Me Monday- my crazy week edition


I have had a Crazy week with a capital “C“.  I thought that the style of denial (the Not Me Monday way)would be the best way to go to share it with you guys, to keep me laughing instead of crying….anyway, here we go…

  • I did NOT make a last minute 8 hour trip (each way) to pick up my brother and nephew the day before vacation.  I am NOT incapable of saying “no” when my family needs something NOR did I turn the adventure into a girl’s road trip with my friend Rebecca- just for the fun of it.  I do NOT enjoy being away from my family every once in a while and sleeping in Red Roof Inns in the butt crack of Ohio at 3:30am.  Nope, not me.
  • On said road trip, I did NOT sleep through the alarm at the Red Roof Inn, putting us two hours behind our already ridiculous tight schedule.  Nope, not me. 
  • My brother, father of the year that he is, did NOT forget to bring any toys for his four year old child for the trip back to Aunt Lissa’s house.  This did NOT prompt me to make a stop at a Walgreens in Indiana to buy some things for the poor child to do and to maintain our sanity make the trip more enjoyable for my little nephew.  With limited choices available I did NOT buy dinosaurs which turned out to have little beads that easily come out and I did NOT end up with those beads all over the floor of my car.
  • I did NOT forget that I had also purchased crayons for my nephew.  Since I did NOT forget that, crayons did NOT get left in my sweltering car while we were on vacation and did NOT melt in a colorful mess on the backseat.
  • My Raystown Lake houseboat vacation will NOT require it’s own post, even though it took up five days of my crazy week. (Post coming, I promise 🙂
  • I did NOT cry when we dropped Chloe (my adorable puppy) off at the kennel.  I am NOT a crier.
  • I did NOT cry when we picked Chloe (my adorable puppy) up from the kennel.  The kennel had NOT fed her almost an entire bag of food (that usually lasts for eight weeks) in five days.  She did NOT have a rash of unknown origin on her little tummy and I was NOT mad enough to vow never to leave her again.  Nope, not me.
  • I did NOT take the easy way out and buy storebought *gasp* cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday party because I was too tired to bake.
  • I did NOT (almost) completely forget about Father’s Day and have one heck of a time finding acceptable cards for the father’s in my life on the day before Father’s Day.  Since when do I NOT wait until the last minute?
  • I did NOT overdo it this week and I am NOT barely able to move, let alone tackle the craziness that is the week ahead of me.  I am aware of my limits and I respect them.

What confessions do you NOT need to make?  Head over to My Charming Kids for more Not Me Monday’s.


  1. Whoo! Your week was crazier than mine!

  2. Hey there! That does sound like a crazy week! I hope you are able to get everything done this week. My week feels busy too. Life will slow done one day, right? Somehow I missed your new blog space. I will add you to my reader. Take care!

  3. Thank you for shared

  4. Nicely written article

  5. Nicely written article

  6. Delighted to meet you and celebrate the NOT-Mes in my life too.

    Blessings from Costa rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  7. Very well written post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! Although our tasks are different, this sounds as crazy as my weeks! I didn’t know people experienced this like me, they all look so HAPPY. LOL. Anyway, thank you for the kind comment on my blog about our Atlanta area floods of 2009.


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