Finer Things Friday- Family Time

I have enjoyed reading this meme over at Amy’s Finer Things for a few weeks and this week I decided to jump in and participate in Finer Things Friday.  Head on over to learn about the meme and share the finer things you enjoy!


My hubby took off last week for our houseboat vacation.  We enjoyed our time together- lounging, fishing, reading and watching the kids swim.  Then when we came home last weekend my health started to respond to the stress from recent events and the heat. In addition to that, we needed to transport Jason from the facility in PA to one closer to home.  So, my sweet hubby took another week off.  That is a finer thing.

Mike is a wonderful husband and provider.  He often worries about our finances (when he forgets that God is in control) so for him to take an unpaid week off because I needed him at home is truly a finer thing.

The week just got crazier so it was definitely the best choice for our family that he has been home.  And, the finest thing is that in between all the craziness and appointments this week we have squeezed in time for:

snuggles on the couch with our boys, walks in the neighborhood with our doggies, cups of coffee on the porch….you know, time for the finer things.


  1. Sounds like you have someone wonderful to spend your time with!

  2. Thanks so much for joining in this week!

    A houseboat vacation sounds divine, but your hubby and his extra week home… that’s fantastic!

  3. I can completely relate to the craziness lately. We (me, hubby and the princess) have been escaping the craziness by going up to our trailer at a very nice and quiet church campground. It has been a sanity saver!

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