Wifey Wednesday- Looking our Best

Today’s Wifey Wednesday theme is about how much appearance truly matters. Be sure to stop by our host, Sheila’s, blog for a funny video and find out if you are sending out No Trespassing vibes.

Last summer I had a fashion intervention. Three friends came over, went through my closet (quite ruthlessly, I might add) and helped me keep only the things that were flattering. I was in need of a makeover as my hubby has always referred to my fashion style as that of a “principal” (which I’m not sure exactly what that means, other than “uptight” as he would put it).

Living with a chronic illness threw another wrench in my pathetic sense of style because comfort became much more important than in the past. I need clothes that are comfortable enough to climb into bed for a nap with. Most afternoons I take a nap before the kids and hubby get home, so I needed clothes that could withstand a nap, be comfortable and still make me look and feel chic.

It is possible. It requires effort on my part when shopping and when deciding what to wear for the day. In trying to maintain my appearance I gave up my trademark short hair and have allowed it to grow out shoulder length. I did this for two reasons: one- my hubby prefers my hair longer (and since reason number two existed I could allow him to think I was growing my hair out for him and only him LOL) two- it is easier to manage longer hair when you aren’t feeling well. That may seem counterintuitive but with short hair, I always had to style it for it to look right (otherwise I would look like I had stuck my finger in a light socket). With longer hair, I can literally just run a comb through it if I don’t feel up to styling it that day.

So, yes I do make an effort to maintain my appearance for my hubby and also for our marriage. The better I feel about myself the more likely I am to feel “in the mood”.

What about you? Do you think it is important to maintain your appearance for your spouse? Is this something you struggle with?


  1. Oh, Melissa, there are several friends that I would LOVE to do a fashion intervention with! But I always worried that it would be insulting. Did they approach you? Did you ask them? And how did you feel about it? I’m really curious!

    Thanks for participating in Wifey Wednesday!

  2. My one friend offered, very much in love, pointing out how fun it could be and what a surprise it could be for my husband. My feelings were hurt a little but the Spirit nudged me that motives were pure and my friends just wanted the best for me. then I really got into it, invited more friends and we made a fun time out of it!!

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