Thankful Thursday- Nature?

Today’s theme is nature. I immediately giggled at this because I am not a lover of all things natural. Which is exactly why I think God gave me a house full of boys…so that when the weight of the wickedness of the world got exhausting, all He has to do for a good laugh is look into the Smallwood house and watch me freak out at the following things:

~Matt bringing in various forms of slithery things including toads and lizards, asking to keep them (the answer is usually “no“)
~having to tolerate a lady bug (I don’t care if they are cute, they are still bugs) crawling on my hand because I’ve been asked to “watch it, Mommy” while one of the boys goes to the bathroom
~taking pictures of beaming boys and their equally beaming daddy while standing near the river with the fish they just caught (and being eaten alive by mosquitos at the same time)
~screaming like a crazy woman when trapped in a campground shower with a bumblebee (I actually considered running out naked)
~sitting on top of the kitchen table with three boys (who were at this time around 6, 3 an 2) crying because there was a mouse in the living room (and it was looking at me!)until my mother-in-law left work and came over and rescued me
~not wanting to come out of my house for a week after my hubby killed a 5 foot long black snake (on our front porch!!)
~having a panic attack every time one of the dogs or kids gets a tick on their skin (whether attached or not)
~dancing like break dancer when I have accidentally walked into a cobweb

I could go on with these true tales of my hate/love relationship with nature but I won’t embarass myself any further.

I will say that I so thankful to serve THE GOD that made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that in them is! I am thankful for every one of those memories and moments that come with being a mama of boys- nature and all.

We serve a truly Awesome God (with a sense of humor).

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  1. what a sweet post… ♥

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a GREAT post! I am guilty of feeling the same way when it come to creepy crawlies and the things they leave behind in nature. Kinda funny that I enjoy camping with my family, now that you know I have some issues with nature. 🙂

    Kathy Lang

  3. kasandria says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. From a mother of 4 boyz – thanks for the smile today!

  5. Toads and lizards are the greatest.

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