Thankful Thursday- Motherhood

Today’s Thankful Thursday theme is motherhood, appropriate of course because we are celebrating Mothers this Sunday. All around the country, people will be celebrating the women who mothered them- whether that is the woman that gave life to them or not.

I can’t help but mention that it is also National Foster Care Month and as a girl who spent time in foster care I want to extend a special “Thank you” and communicate the deep respect I feel for women that make the choice to love a child that is not “yours” and can often be difficult to love, not knowing the length of time you will be able to make an imprint but giving it your all anyway. That is such an amazing gift that stays with that child forever- I can attest. You may never know the instrumental role you played in who that girl becomes one day. (I could write another post on those that don’t take the responsibility seriously and the impact that can have, but that is for another day)

I am thankful for motherhood because it is how the Lord reached and saved me from myself. God can take any mistake, any sin, including teenage pregnancy and use it for His good as promised in Romans 8:28. I was saved through a support group for teenage moms, that is how I came to know my Jesus. A group of women, that instead of judging, reached out to girls who were in over their heads helped lead me to the feet of the Lord and I am forever grateful for that!

And, I am thankful for my boys- all three of them.
Jason, my bonus son, who has caused more pain and heartache than I can ever express, has also stretched my heart to love in ways I didn’t know I could. He is so smart, handsome and creative and I know the Lord has big plans for His life. I love you, J-man- even more than you think!

Jared, my life preserver, little do you know you saved me from myself by growing inside of me and giving me something to love and live for. You have grown into such a sweet,loving and responsible boy. Even though we bump heads sometimes because you are a tween and we are so much alike, when you come and give me a hug out of the blue, my heart soars. I am so proud of you for taking your grades seriously, for sharing your faith with your friends and for being a great big brother. I love watching you excel at whatever you set your mind to. You own a very special place in my heart.

Matt-Matt, my baby that was supposed to be a girl and I’m so thankful you weren’t, you grow me every day. Your intuitive heart and love for those that are hurting is inspiring and when I grow up I want to be just like you. The way you are able to ignore the mean kids at school that make fun of you because you are so confident of your worth- you are light years ahead of your mama. It took me years to recognize my worth in God’s eyes the way you already do. You are going to do awesome things for God and I am honored to be your mama.

God, THANK YOU, for each of my boys and the ways they have stretched me, grown me, for how much they love me despite my imperfections- thank you for the chance to be a mother to them. And thank you for giving me the perfect mate to take that journey with me, my special hubby Mike. You are an awesome God! Amen


  1. mommaof4wife2r says:

    how nice…great tribute. i thought 2 of my girls were boys…and i’m so glad god knew better than me. doesn’t he always?

  2. shopannies says:

    you are such a sweet momma and wrote a great heart tugging tribute

  3. Melissa says:

    What a lovely tribute to your loved ones. 🙂

  4. momof3darlings says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL! My Mom fostered for years, and they adopted their last one. She’s almost 9 now and I couldn’t imagine life without her!

  5. Rita T. says:

    This is a wonderful thankful post. We’ve seriously considered adopting through the foster care system, but right now it’s a little hard with our medical and financial situation. Maybe someday, though…

  6. Laurie Ann says:

    What a sweet, sweet post! Happy Thankful Thursday to you.

  7. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    What a sweet post. That was awesome of you to remember the foster moms. What a ministry this can be. I pray all foster parents could understand what they mean to others. Thanks for sharing your heart regarding motherhood and how your children changed your life.

  8. Denise says:

    Such a great thankful post.

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