Sometimes you need a laugh…

So, you all are used to me writing book reviews on my site. Usually I review novels or Christian non-fiction. But, recently I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing a tongue in cheek look at parenting, Guide to Pirate Parenting, Why you should raise your kid’s as pirates and 101 tips on how to do it, by Tim Bete.

This book is hilarious. The advice from Cap’n Billy “the butcher” MacDougall supposedly filled 119 napkins before the talented Tim made it into a book. A book that after reading it says should turn us into a family “as happy as a bilge rat in a bunghole” (a term that my boys found gut bustingly funny). The Cap’n’s advice for kids that are served tofu is a special kind of wedgie, this book was written for tween boys, I tell you 🙂 And, so we (my tween boys, hubby and I) read it together and pronounced it a fun family Friday night activity.

I certainly learned some new terms and I have to admit it has been a long time since I laughed until I snorted. So, ahoy matey’s, go grab this book for a funny take on the tough job of parenting.

Check out here and here for more info.


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    That sounds like an awesome book. HOw fun. I got the Cd yesterday…thanks so much it is great.

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