Not Me Monday- the Chloe edition

As my sweet puppy lays beside me sleeping so innocently and sweetly, I am so thankful she did NOT do any of the following things that would prove her to be ANYTHING BUT cute and innocent:

~Chloe does NOT scream like a banshee every night when it is time to go to bed (crate).
~Chloe does NOT expect that she will be take on every outing and does NOT throw a doggie temper tantrum when I leave the house without her.
~Chloe does NOT continue to eat her own poo even though we add the “this is supposed to make the poo taste bad” pills.
~Chloe did NOT completely ignore the piddle pad when visiting friends and tinkle on their couch. A sweet thing like her would NEVER do such a thing.
~Chloe does NOT whine when hubby leaves the room, NOR does she jump off the couch and take off running expecting Mommy to come catch her, NOR does she deliberately kick water at me when I am giving her a bath (to the point that I’m the one that ends up looking like a wet dog). She is much to adorable to do such things.
~Chloe has NOT brought me joy and the companionship I was desperately craving and so therefore I do NOT forgive her for any of the above that may occur….

What has NOT been going on in your world this week? Head over to MckMama’s blog for more posts!


  1. Mark & Heather Mac says:

    I have NOT completed my task list. I have NOT given up on home schooling. I have NOT given in to my chocolate cravings today. I have NOT quit my job at the shelter, though it is tempting. I have NOT given in to drama in the outside world.

    Wow! When I put it like that, I feel super about my life! lol.

  2. Ah, the love of a new puppy! Happy Not Me! Monday.

  3. Kristen Andrews says:

    oh the joy of a new puppy, we rescued a greyhound and he came all trained (well kinda) he is naughty sometimes.

  4. hey mommy says:

    Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment on my blog. Isn’t it fun to have a newborn, I mean, puppy!? 🙂

  5. Eyeglasses & Endzones says:

    Puppies huh?

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