Not Me Monday- mama to boys edition

MckMama is still on NMM hiatus due to Baby Stellan being in the hospital (still). He is now in Boston and prayers are still needed. Please continue to lift this family up to our awesome God!!

Here is my Not Me Monday- Mama to boys edition. There is just something unique about raising boys. They are so rough and tumble, literal, wear their heart on their sleeve humans. I did NOT have some moments with them this week that made me wonder where God got the male chromosome idea from…here are a few of those incidents that did NOT happen:

~Jared did NOT fall in the shower and hit his head on the porcelain tub. An ER visit later did NOT show that he has no permanent damage. The ER doc did NOT say my child must have the hardest head he has ever seen (I coulda told him that). Jared did NOT spend the rest of the week looking like he had been in a bar fight.
~Matt did NOT go to school and tell all Jared’s friends exactly what had happened so that Jared had no hope of saving face. And Matt did NOT enjoy it.
~I did NOT go to watch my DVR’d episode of Dancing with the Stars (yes, I like that show) only to discover that Matt had recorded episodes of Star Wars the Clone Wars instead, again.
~Jared did NOT come home from a sleepover at a friend’s house reporting the fun they had catching frogs and throwing them back in the creek. I did NOT gasp in horror and think 1. poor frogs and 2. you better not get warts.
~Matt did NOT groan and complain about cleaning the bathroom saying “This is disgusting, someone peed on the seat”. Hmmmmm, wonder who that could have been?
~I did NOT find my sock drawer ransacked because some tween, who shall remain nameless, decided it would be easier to borrow mom’s socks then match his own. **Note to self- replace all of my socks with purple and pink stripes to prevent future sock napping issues**

So, what did not happen in your house this week? Please share!


  1. life during naptime says:

    oh my! I know my time is here/coming & I only have 2 boys!

  2. He And Me + 3 says:

    Oh, I cannot wait…but for now I am dealing with beads up the nose and face plants that loosen up his teeth. Oh the joys of boys.

  3. mrs.notouching says:

    I have a girl but grew up with a brother and he used to drive me crazy with all the boy things that did NOT happen to him ALL.THE.TIME. Like they say – little girls will break your heart, little boys will break your house!

  4. Ah, yes the joys of boys. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. Oh, they are so different! My NMM: Jacob did NOT smack his face on a post at the playground resulting in a rather large black eye. Looks great when we’re at the market a few days later!

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