Laughter Lives at the Smallwood’s

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Laughter lives at our house and thank goodness for that! For those of you that read my little Not Me Monday rant yesterday, I figured I would share the details of our *hilarious* weekend so that you could feel my pain understand where I am coming from.

Thursday night– new puppy, Chloe, throws up. Given that she has been chewing on the carpet we figure that she’ll be fine and go to bed. (Our puppy owner intuition should have kicked in- preparing us for the nightmare ahead, but no such luck)

Friday-Chloe is still throwing up and can’t keep anything down. So, good mama that I am, I take her to the vet (mind you, she had just been there Wednesday for her well puppy check-up, hmm, umm). The vet takes an x-ray and shows me three little “hard” objects in her tummy. Meaning she ate something more than carpet fibers. She was dehydrated so they gave her fluids under her skin (made her look like she was wearing shoulder pads, so retro-80’s puppy)and sent me home with an anti nausea med. They also said that she should pass the “hard” objects and then feel better.

Later Friday afternoon– It is time to head to my best friend’s house to babysit her four kids for the night and next day (this had obviously been scheduled way before sick puppy, actually even before we got said sick puppy. Megan and her hubby were going away for the first time since their honeymoon in ’00 and to get away for the second anniversary of Paige’s birth and passing). So, when hubby got home from work we head over to the Brown’s and take over dinner, playtime and bedtime for six (including our 2) kiddos. The puppy continues to get sick and the 9 month old is teething and fussy- so hubby and I were taking turns holding “babies” and reminding each other that this is why we had gotten a puppy and not had a baby:-)

Throughout Friday night– the puppy thankfully slept through the night, at least we thought due to her lack of noise. But, we woke up to quite an odor- she had passed a “hard” object- turned out to be a small piece of gravel. Kind wife that I am I allowed hubby the honor of poking through said odorous poopy with a toothpick to locate the “hard” object as the vet had requested. Hubby was not real happy with the arrangement but hey- I thought I would share the wealth, ya know?

Saturday- We feed, clothe, play, change diapers and repeat with the kiddos until their grandparents get there to relieve us around 3:30pm. Chloe is still sick and so not her usual puppy self- she was just laying around and whining. Around 5pm we decide to take her to the emergency vet. ****Note to those that have never been to a doggy ER- Holy Moses! It is like a trauma unit except they don’t have a separate entrance for the really scary cases. No! Those come in right in front of you- like the yorkie with an eyeball dangling out of it’s eye socket after a fight with another dog, a convulsing dog who got into his owner’s pain killers, a blood SOAKED dog whose owner came home to him looking like that and had no idea what had happened- you get the picture, right***** Now, let’s not forget that I can’t stand the sight of blood, etc and then couple that with the fact that Chloe proceeds to projectile vomit on me and the floor and there is blood in her vomit. Suffice it to say, I didn’t handle that situation in the most graceful manner, mmm kay. ‘Nuff said.

The blood in her vomit got her priority status and an overnight stay and half our tax return later, I am happy to report that Chloe is back to her old self and continues on antibiotics for the infection she got from the rocks in her tummy.

Fast forward to yesterday which is hubby’s birthday and I wake up to eight, count them eight, piles of vomit from one of my other doggies. I was ready to curl up in a ball and bawl but multi-tasking mama that I am, I managed to take care of him, make my hubby’s favorite meal and homemade carrot cake (with homemade cream cheese frosting, I might add), take the kids to rent a video game for the week and lament my woes on my blog.

So, as you can see- laughter lives here at the Smallwood’s. If it didn’t, I may just be in the loony bin ;p


  1. elteescat says:

    Shoulder pads and barfing! So TOTALLY 80’s!!! Like, gag me with a piece of gravel!! I would have thrown up too if a dog had puked on me!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness! what a weekend! how awesome that you were still able to make the cake with homemade icing!! props to you!!!!!

  3. Oh man – our dog ate a very expensive acorn once. Not sure what makes these things so appealing to dogs. Ours eat rocks too…

  4. Kelwynne says:

    Melissa, That would make for a good sitcom episode or two! 😀 Glad you are finding the humor in tough situations. Love Ya!

  5. He And Me + 3 says:

    Wow…that was some ordeal. good thing we can laugh. You still are wonderwoman in my book. Homade carrot cake and dinner? you are multitasking mama!

  6. Amber Schmidt says:

    Barfing and all she is one cute pup!

  7. I can’t even laugh at you .. poor you! I hope this week is better for you. Good for you for being able to laugh though!

  8. OMG that puppy is adorable! poking through dog poo is always so fun!

  9. Rita T. says:

    Oh my, what an ordeal! I don’t have much patience with pets. You are a saint.

  10. Michaela says:

    Oh my goodness! Those poor puppies and you too!! It sounds like you had your hands full!

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