Wifey Wednesday- Dating your Spouse

Today’s topic for Wifey Wednesday is dating your spouse (inexpensively, I might add). This is a fun topic because the hubby and I have been dating each other throughout our marriage- and I think it is one of the things that has kept us connected and in love through difficult times!

We are supposed to list some fun and inexpensive date ideas so I will tell you some of the things hubby and I have done in the past (some of the more active dates I am unable to do anymore but we have the memories)

*Walk or bike the C & O Canal
*Ride his motorcycle on nice days
*Window shop at flea markets (okay, I usually buy something. I can’t pass up a good bargain πŸ™‚
*Go to the library
*Get coffee at a coffee shop and go to a local park
*Fly a kite (yes, we are cheesy)
*Make dinner together at home when the kids are at grandparents
*Make a campfire in the backyard and make s’mores

Anything that gives you time to be alone and focus on your marriage is great.

And now I have to share a funny story:

When Jared was about two and a half months old my (ex) stepmom convinced us to go on a date and leave the baby with her. Hubby and I love Jackie Chan movies (I told you we are cheesy) and there was a new one playing at the local theater. So, she pried the baby out of my arms and we went to the movie.

I was a breastfeeding, new, seventeen year old mother and was not aware-since I had spend little time away from my baby- that your milk can “let down”. There was a scene in the movie with a crying baby and boy, oh, boy did my milk let down! My dress was SOAKED. I was mortified and hubby couldn’t stop laughing. We left as soon as the movie was over and since it was July I didn’t have a jacket to cover up my milk soaked bosoms. We still laugh about that date to this day.

Do you date your spouse? Join us at To Love, Honor and Vacuum for more Wifey Wednesday wisdom.


  1. Visiting via SITS. Love the idea of making dates with your husband! Very funny story, too!

  2. GREAT IDEAS!!! i’m always looking for fun new creative dates!! love the story too!

  3. MammaDucky says:

    We try to work in dates as much as we can, although a lack of a babysitter (my inlaws do NOT watch our children…like ever) hampers our dating. Last week we played hooky from work for half a day and went to play golf together!

  4. Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org says:

    Awesome post and ideas πŸ™‚ love your date story oh the milk it happened a lot here too LOL like in a middle of a store πŸ™‚

  5. Great post! I love the idea of getting coffee and going to a park!

    I’ll just need to get a sitter first..LOL.

  6. Laurie Ann says:

    Too funny! I didn’t know that could happen. (I’m a bonus mom but not a biological mom to living children.)

    Steve and I do date. We had date night last night. We went for sushi. We often go on inexpensive dates, browsing a bookstore, going for a ride, etc. It keeps the romance alive!

  7. Retriever says:

    Laughed and laughed remembering similar milky events. The first time it happened I was walking with my screaming, colicky first born in a stroller in the middle of the grocery store. Back then I hadn’t figured out how to carry a baby onehanded and soothe them, while cooking or doing something else. I was in a light sundress, cold A/C and was soaked. Mortified. Fortunately it was a small local grocery store run by a conservative Italian family who made a fuss over the baby “God has blessed you!” so that I stopped being embarassed (I suspect it was because they approved of breastfeeding!)

    Shame on me, my husband of 21 years and I don’t date much. For us, a hot date is going together to our church’s Lenten small group Bible study. We get to get out of the house WITHOUT the kids (two in college, one in high school), dinner with 18 friends, and discussion. Alone? Walks sometimes.

    We are both photographers (amateur) so we have alone time in the living room boringly discussing photography and camera equipment which drives the kids away (crafty maternal plan)

  8. I think it’s SO important to have date night with your husband. We recently had a daughter, but still try to make time and arrangements for date nights. A (single) friend recently pointed me toward a list on a dating site called http://www.findtruelove.com. We are looking forward to going down the list. =)

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