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SJ – Guardian (Gold)

Congratulations! You are the GUARDIAN.

First, the bad news. On any given bad day you’re most likely to be perceived as a rigid, inflexible, controlling, bossy, opinionated, boring, judgmental, and predictable. You are most likely one to make lists and follow them to the letter. Some people see this as lacking in imagination, and you probably dig your heels in when it comes to change. You’ve probably been called “uptight” at least once in your life if not more, and more than likely, you’re a neat-freak.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on to the good news.. You are consistent and reliable. People can count on you to know the rules and follow them to the letter. You are fiercely loyal, and will defend people to the point of exhaustion. A true implementor, you’re the kind of person people go to to “get it done”. Always the pragmatist, you look at what is really possible, and establish lists and timelines to make it happen. Because you are so good at establishing routines you are an innate leader, and people do well under your guidance.

Guardian Traits:

  • Well organized and orderly
  • Consistent and Predictable
  • Able to specialize
  • Perfectionist
  • Detail oriented
  • Structured
  • Secure and Stable
  • Strong belief in rules and laws
  • Loyal
  • Organized
  • Steadfast/Stablecator
  • seeks high visibility

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I have taken this inventory before but was sending the link to a blogger I am coaching and thought I would take it again. My results were spot on in describing me!! Give it a try and let me know what color(s) you are!


  1. Laurie Ann says:

    I was the exact same! And I can see how it describes me for the most part. 🙂

  2. Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama says:

    We are a special breed, Laurie Ann 😉

  3. ohhhh what a fasinating little test! going to have to go try this one…

    THanks for dropping by my blog and entering my Cherish Bound business giveaway. i’m so excited about it!! nice to meet you!! ♥

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