Walking for a cure

So, what can you do to help further awareness and bring us closer to a cure for multiple sclerosis? There are lots of ways you can help:

1. Pray– I know of many people living with MS that need prayer due to the financial and physical difficulties one faces when living with a chronic illness.

2. Spread the word– share this post and my other posts from the week with your friends and family. Tweet, talk about MS research on Facebook.

3. Donate– I have a team for WALK MS this year (as I did last year). Last year my team raised $1800. This year our goal is $2000. Any amount from $5- $25 helps us get closer to a cure! Here is the link to my team page if you can donate to the cause- Lissa’s Crew. All monetary donations are 100% tax deductible!

4. Join us– find a walk or bike for MS event near you. These events take place all over the country throughout the spring and summer. You can find an event near you at www.nationalmssociety.org. And if you live close to me (DC metro area) join me team and walk with me. We will be walking on April 26, 2008. You can visit my link in #3 for more info.

5. Volunteer– these events can always use volunteers to help out the day of the walk/bike event. If you have time, hand out water bottles, help with registration, whatever the event staff need.

Whatever you do, please don’t do nothing! Together, we can make a difference and hopefully eradicate this disease from the world very soon!


  1. Eyeglasses & Endzones says:

    For sure praying!! You should put a link to donate on your blog. I bet you would get lots of people that way! Thanks for the information too!

  2. Laurie Ann says:

    Great information, Melissa! Thanks for sharing. I love the last part – whatever you do, don’t do nothing.

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