St. Patrick’s Day Musings

Here is some info about the history of this fun holiday (facts courtesy of

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, his religious feast day and the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years.

On St. Patrick’s Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink, and feast—on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

The First Parade

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place not in Ireland, but in the United States. Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City on March 17, 1762. Along with their music, the parade helped the soldiers to reconnect with their Irish roots, as well as fellow Irishmen serving in the English army.

Over the next thirty-five years, Irish patriotism among American immigrants flourished, prompting the rise of so-called “Irish Aid” societies, like the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick and the Hibernian Society. Each group would hold annual parades featuring bagpipes (which actually first became popular in the Scottish and British armies) and drums.

In 1848, several New York Irish aid societies decided to unite their parades to form one New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Today, that parade is the world ‘s oldest civilian parade and the largest in the United States, with over 150,000 participants.

Each year, nearly three million people line the one-and-a-half mile parade route to watch the procession, which takes more than five hours. Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Savannah also celebrate the day with parades including between 10,000 to 20,000 participants.

My favorite part of St. Patty’s Day- other than wearing green, corned beef and cabbage and celebrating my Irish heritage (on my mom’s side, in case you were wondering)- is celebrating my best friend’s birthday!!Megan and I have been friends since we were little girls- I was 9 and she was 8 when we met. Through everything life has tossed at us- we have remained very close and always been there for each other. We were in each other’s weddings, there for the birth (and untimely death) of our babies, our husband’s are both named Mike and were born in April, we go on vacations together as families- the whole best friend nine yards 🙂 Happy Birthday to my bestest friend!


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    thanks for the history info. I didn’t know all that. Happy Birthday to your best friend. What an awesome story..neat too that your husbands are both named Mike. have a great St. Patty’s day!

  2. Laurie Ann says:

    Interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day from N Ireland.

    I am having a St Patrick’s Day bloggy carnival if you want to link this.

    PS I don’t know anyone here who eats corned beef!

  4. Domestically Sassy! says:

    We are having Corned Beef and Hash here also!!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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