Not Me Monday- special Stellan edition

Not Me Monday is a meme started by MckMama. It is usually a time to make and poke fun at ourselves for the ways we goofed up in the past week. However, little Stellan is sick and in honor of his sweet, God fearing mother, Not Me Monday will focus on them this week. Please keep them in your prayers and you can follow MckMama’s Twitter updates on her blog. To see other Not Me Monday posts this week visit Emily’s blog.

Prayers for Stellan

~I have not talked about Stellan as if I know him personally all week, asking people who don’t even know what a blog is to pray for little MckMuffin.

~I have not cried wanting to comfort his mama when she has been tired, pissed off and strong. I am not a crier!

~I have not stopped what I was doing several times this week to lift little Stellan up to the Lord because he was on my heart.

~I have not talked about this baby so much that my boys ask how MckMuffin is doing when they get home from school.

~I have not obsessively checked twitter and MckMama’s blog for updates to check on Stellan and MckMama.

~I have not thought of how hard it must be for Prince Charming to be torn between the hospital, working and taking care of the many small children. He has not been in my prayers as well.

~I have not looked forward even more to meeting MckMama on the MckCruise in 2010 so I can tell her in person what an awesome, inspiring person I think she is and what a difference her faith has made in my life.

Love, prayers and hugs being lifted up to the MckFamily,


  1. Perfectly said!

    I am anxiously awaiting an update, hopefully soon.

  2. Stacie @ Never Clever says:

    I have also been obsessively refreshing Twitter and Blogger for updates all week. I have cries so many times–pretty much daily.

  3. He And Me + 3 says:

    You said that right. I think we all feel that way. Great post. Praying over here.

  4. Secret Mom Thoughts says:

    I’m praying for Stellan and checking twitter all day.

  5. Alicia, The Snowflake says:

    I have been checking on little Stellan and praying for his family too. It’s amazing how this blogging world has brought us all together. Take care and have a great week my friend!

  6. I think the refresh button on my twitter and blog is broken as I keep pressing it so many times!

  7. I also been keeping them in my thoughts, thanks for your post.

  8. Mrs. Cline says:

    Thank you for blessing MckMama and Stellan with your NMM!


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