Focus Friday- To Do (again)

First and foremost, I got my nails done!! Finally!

I also did fairly well with my focus/to-do list this week except for appointments outside of the house. I ended up with phlebitis (an inflammation of a vein in my leg) and needed my leg propped up with heat on it for most of the week. This kind of kept me on the couch, but I did reschedule my meetings. So, they will be my focus for this coming week.

This week I also want to really focus on the Ultimate Blog Party sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom. It is a great (not to mention free) way to drive traffic to my blog and get to know others in the blogosphere. I want to build on the momentum that my blog talk radio appearance created (you can hear my interview with the Consumer Queen here). So, that will also be a focus for the week.

How about you? What are you planning on giving your focus to next week? Join us at Thrifty and Chic Mom for accountability and focus.


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    Good luck with the blog party…I just hopped over there myself. Lots going on huh?

  2. Thrifty and Chic Mom says:

    See you at the party, I hope your leg is feeling better!

  3. I jumped over from Shasta’s blog, I saw you had 3 boys so I had to come and visit!

  4. KMfamily ;-) says:

    Hi Multitasking Mama!..Thank You SO much for stoping by my blog "This Plate Is Full!!..its very nice to meet you aswell!

    I'm so sorry to hear of your take care of it!

    Make sure you come back & visit me for me 100th post giveaway sometime next week.

  5. I have an award for you on my blog.

  6. ServinGsus says:

    I’m here from UPB09 peeking through your posts … nice site!

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