Focus Friday- Me, Me, Me, Me. Me

Last week my focus was on my family. We are going through a major transition with my mom and little sister moving in with us and we are all adjusting (well, I might add). My boys have adapted way better than I imagined probably due in large part to the fact that they spent a lot of time with my mom and her family before. My mom helps take care of me and takes me to my appointments, etc so she was around a lot anyway. Her presence has taken pressure off of my hubby because she is able to help with shuttling the kids to their activities, she is a cleaning and laundry machine and she and I have been cooking together.

I am really enjoying being able to cook for my family- something I couldn’t do when I didn’t have someone to help reach things, open things, etc. So, God is really opening our eyes to the positive aspects of this situation.

This coming week I really need to focus on myself. *gasp* I know, this can be a foriegn concept for many of us. But, I forgot a major appointment this week, have not had much time to devote to my writing and other business ventures and this week I need to focus on getting back into my routine. And, darn it, I need to make time for a manicure!

How about you? What is your focus this week? Share in the Focus Friday fun at Thrifty and Chic Mom.


  1. Get that mani!!!

  2. Christina says:

    Good for you! Focusing on yourself now and then is sooo important.

    Good luck this week!

  3. Thrifty and Chic Mom says:

    I am so glad you have someone to help you and that everyone is adjusting well! Take care of yourself this week, you need to.

  4. He And Me + 3 says:

    I have been cooking for my family alot lately and actually starting to enjoy it…did i just type that? Good luck this week…to get back to a routine and spend some time on you.

  5. Alicia, The Snowflake says:

    Glad things are working out with your mom. I was just thinking the same thing today. Somehow I need to make time for writing. I am not sure how. But I need to do it. And I was thinking about a pedicure. It was so pretty today that I wanted to wear sandles. Maybe one day next week I can get it done!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. great focus this week, you gotta remember to take care of yourself too!! Good luck this week and i would love to make some scrapbook pages for you!!

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