Where is the darn phone?

I don’t know about you but I do not enjoy hunting around in the bottom of my purse for the ringing cell phone. I do however loooover purses. You can ask anyone that sleeps in my guest room (because they have to stare at them on the back of the door. I have a really cool purse hangy organizer thing on the back of the guestroom door) Anyway, as usual I digress. The real story here is that I discovered a way to not have to grope around in the bottom of my purse like a kid looking for the lost cheerio in their diaper. And it is the Purseket!

If you are interested in looking at one, click on the picture above.


  1. Firefly@www.firefly-shop.org says:

    I can never find my phone in any of my handbags LOL and I love them really 😉

  2. tara @ kidz says:

    What a fab idea! Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. What a neat thing! I could always use some more organization in my life, I’m not so great at it.

  4. He And Me + 3 says:

    How neat, but that wouldn’t fit in the current purse I am carrying. It is so tiny. LOL

  5. Laurie Ann says:

    Handy-dandy! My current purse has a pouch my cell phone fits in and is easy to reach, but when I change purses I’ll keep these in mind!

  6. Unfortunately, I am too disorganized and it would never work for me. I can just see me shoving everything into the same pocket or slowly leaving things out until everything was crumpled beneath it. I have always wanted to be the kind of person that uses these types of things, sadly, I never will be.

  7. Tabitha Blue says:

    Yeah, my phone is always falling down to the bottomless mess that is my purse… and of my purses and I love them all!!!!



  8. Blicky Kitty says:

    Hey Melissa just setting up my links for Blicky’s Karm-a-thon. Happy Valentine’s day!

  9. Now, that is organized!! Impressive.

  10. I am forever digging around in my purse to find my phone. I never get it in my clutches until it stops ringing.

  11. Just stopping by to drop a card. What a cute blog. What a neat idea for the purse too.

  12. Diana - FreeStyleMama says:

    Kewl gadget!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Check out my first birthday bash at Custom Blog Designs. There will be a blog makeover giveaway, blogging tips, and fun!

  13. Interesting. Who thinks of these things?!

  14. Someone had a good idea that time!

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