Thankful Thursday- Change

The theme for Thankful Thursday is change, view links to all the posts at Grace Alone.

Change has been a theme for me and my family over the past year. The facts about change is that a. it is inevitable and b. most people find it difficult to deal with.

Learning and understanding those two facts have really helped us adjust to my limitations, role changes in our family and even the kids entering a new phase- the tween years. So, I am thankful for change.
~I am thankful that no matter what changes God remains the same.
~I am thankful that even when change seems like a bad thing, God can make good come out of it.
~I am thankful that change can develop character and strenghthen relationships.
~I am thankful that change has drawn my family closer together- both my immediate family and my extended family.

Change Bring it on!


  1. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

  2. He And Me + 3 says:

    I do love change. But sometimes it can be a little scary, but you are right…God can make any change good. He is always the same too! Great list.

  3. forgetfulone says:

    Great things to be thankful for! And thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday.

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