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Lots going on here in the Multitasking Mama world so I thought (and I hope) that my readers might enjoy a little update about all my goings on. So, here goes:

** After reviewing the overwhelming amount of applicants wishing to join the new Spray β€˜n Wash Mom Panel, we would like to inform you that you have been selected as a founding member. Congratulations! We are excited to get to know you and work together throughout 2009. That is part of an email I received today! I was chosen to be one of the mom bloggers participating in the Spray n’ Wash Mom Panel. I have honestly used their product for years (they are launching a new product that I will be reviewing soon) and am so excited to share my laundry expertise with them and my readers (if you have never read my laundry expertise you should visit my organizing blog here.) So, very excited about that and be on the lookout for contest info (chance to win a new washer/dryer) and giveaways in the upcoming months.

** I am the organizing expert at AskBabyKid. If you haven’t been to that blog, go now. It is a great place for practical advice on childrearing from mom “experts” and the lady, Cecilia, that founded it also founded BlogPopz, for those of you that have seen that new trend around the blogosphere. She is a cool chick!

** I had a proud mama moment yesterday that will be a blog post in and of itself sometime soon.

** I just received a book for review that I am enjoying so much- can’t wait to share it with you. (gotta finish it first πŸ™‚

** I am participating in the Love Dare Journey with several other bloggers, thanks to Totally Toni from a Daily Dose. You can click on the button on my right side bar if you are interested in joining us. I did the book with my hubby a few months ago and it is just as rewarding to our marriage to be doing it again on my own. And, Toni has assembled a great group of ladies to hold each other accountable.

I think that may be it. Pray for the hubby who is getting his wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow and pray for me (so not the nurse!!)



  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    That is cool about joining the love dare. Also, I am so not the nurse type either. good luck.

  2. Wow, sounds quite busy around your place!! Good luck to your hubby tomorrow. (and you too)

  3. Oh my… you are definitely busy!

    I pray your husband’s surgery goes well and that the Lord anoints you to be the best nurse ever!


  4. Lilly's Life says:

    Wow you are busy. sound sall positive though and best of luck with it all.

  5. How cool! You sound very busy, congrats!! πŸ™‚

  6. Follow Wenda!

  7. I am Harriet says:

    Hang in there. TGIF!

  8. You are pretty busy! Stopping by from SITS!

  9. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says:

    Congrats to you! Great stuff happening, well deserved! πŸ™‚

    BTW, I adore your blog style, so perfect! πŸ™‚

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