One Word Me

It’s harder than you think. Here is what you are supposed to do – copy and paste into your own note, type in your one word answers and tag a bunch of people (including me).

Where is your cell phone? purse
your hair? flat
your father? talker
your mother? quiet
Your favorite thing? chocolate
your dream last night? sexy
your favorite drink? tea
your dream/goal? ministry
the room you are in? bedroom
your fear? empty nest
where do you want to be in 6 years? Florida
muffins? carrot
one of your wish list items? cruise
where you grew up? bay
the last thing you did? cook
what are you wearing? jeans
your tv? on
your computer? friend
your life? perfect
your mood? content
missing someone? yes
your car? Mustang
favorite store? Kohl’s
your summer? kids
your favorite color? pink
when is the last time you laughed? today
last time you cried? Tuesday
three people who email me? friends
three of my favorite foods? mango, french toast, cheesecake
three places I would rather be right now? Florida, New York, sleeping


  1. Fun on a Friday night! We have a lot in common! I’m going to snag this and post it now with my answers.

  2. says:

    Oh that is so fun 🙂 love the answers 🙂

  3. I am Harriet says:

    Great post!
    Very cute!

  4. Hmmm…Now, this makes ya think. Only one word each?

  5. Alicia, The Snowflake says:

    I love French Toast! When I was pregnant I craved it. Needless to say my husband got very tired of it :o)

    I think those are the 3 places I would rather be too!

  6. says:

    I have an award for you

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