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Welcome to Not Me Monday, Mckmama’s free therapy session where we all air the dirty laundry that (did not) occured this week. Confession is (not) good for the soul. If you want to join in the fun, visit Mckmama’s blog here.

Okay, so this is my taking care of the hubby who had his wisdom teeth cut out of his mouth and still I had no sympathy edition. Brace yourself, pretty brutal stuff below. Thank God none of it happened, I’m in the middle of doing the Love Dare for heaven’s sake.

~On the way home from the oral surgeon I did not yell at my hubby every time he dared try to open his mouth. He wouldn’t have been trying to talk to me when the directions clearly stated “bite firmly on the gauze for 30 minutes….” Since he is a grown man and fully capable of following directions there was no need for me to raise my voice.

~I did not put my hands over my ears and say “ay ay ay ay ay” when he tried to explain how they had to drill the one tooth into four pieces in order to get it out. The thought of that did not make me puke in my mouth a little. I’m a mom, I have a stomach of steel. I can handle gory details.

~I did not make sure he took the pain medicine exactly as ordered so that he would sleep a little and stop whining. I understand he was in pain and his jaw looked like a chipmunk storing chestnuts for winter. I get that. I wouldn’t be irritated by his INCESSANT whining and need for me to be there holding his hand while he watched stupid movies.

~I did not subject my hubby to the Real Housewives of whatever city was on whenever I got ahold of the remote as a little bit of revenge for having to watch No Country For Old Men (hello, did anyone get that movie?), Back to The Future and any other ridiculous movie he could find.

As anyone can see by the fact that none of the above occured, I am an exemplary wife, dedicated to my hubby’s wellbeing and darn if I don’t have that Proverbs 31 thing down to a T, my friends. Watch and learn (not)


  1. Secret Mom Thoughts says:

    Men tend to complain soooo much when sick or injured. You have my sympathies.

  2. Poor guy didn’t even get to watch his shows!!! LOL!!!!

  3. Jenn(ifer) says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! I’ve had a sick hubby for the past week, and I tell ya they are bigger babies then the kids when they are sick. LOL

  4. seriously? says:

    Men are so silly!! What I meant to say, is that they are big babies and what the heck would they do without their wives? Good for you subjecting him to Real Housewives. ha!!!

  5. Um .. I think I’m gonna have to stop viewing your blog ….

    I did NOT just see that you thought Back to the Future is a ridiculous movie! *gasp*

    My absolute favorite movie ever. Seriously! I really want a cake that looks like the Delorean.

  6. I love Not Me Mondays! Thanks for sharing. Your post made me smile. Thanks for following my blog!

  7. My hubs is like a big baby too when he’s sick. I completely agree that they tend to complain too much.

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    Moms… Check Nyo
    Mommy’s Little Corner

  8. I didn’t understand the point of No Country… I mean HELLO!!! there was no ending…anyway, I will forget what you said about Back to the Future… liked the first one, thought the other 2 were a little… eh not so much, but I have to admit I watched the 3rd last night anyway.=

  9. Mandy and Jack says:

    OH MY GOSH! This is SO funny. My husband just had his out a few months ago and he wouldn’t shut up!! Too funny.

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