Not Me Monday

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And, on to the things I did not do this week:

~ I did not get as giddy as a schoolgirl at the prospect of seeing my hubby after nine long days!

~ I did not promise to never leave my kiddos and puppy for that long ever again- I am a grown woman. I can make it without my family sans withdrawal symptoms, sheesh!

~ I did not cry when leaving Florida because I was going to miss my brothers. Make up your mind, woman!

~ I did not cut a rug at our church’s Valentine Dinner (that was certainly not me holding another man’s shoulders for the train) knowing full well my body was going to scream at me for it the next day.

~ I did not laugh the entire time my hubby and I were slow dancing (he was not laughing too) because an older couple kept bumping into us and when I glanced up at the older gentleman, he did not have a GIGANTIC bandaid on his forehead. I did not whisper into my hubby’s ear that maybe the poor thing had a concussion and that was why he was bumping into us every third beat. We did not laugh so hard I almost peed my pants right there on the dance floor. My hubby did not whisper in my ear that people probably thought we were having such a jolly good time because we hadn’t seen each other in nine days.

~ I did not act surprised Sunday morning when my back hurt so bad. I certainly don’t have such a short term memory problem that I had already forgotten all the dancing from the night before. Thank goodness for heating pads!

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  1. Secret Mom Thoughts says:

    Glad you are enjoying being home again.

  2. The slow dancing part is funny! I would probably be dying! =) Happy Monday! =)

  3. I love the slow dancing old couple part!!! LOL!!

  4. says:

    Love the list 🙂

  5. Happy Not Me! Monday. I can just picture the poor old fellow with the bandage on his head bumping in to lots of other couples.

  6. He And Me + 3 says:

    OMGosh, I was cracking up at the old man on the dance floor story. Too funny. LOL
    Love the Make up your mind comment too. That is so me. I am so undecisive.

  7. Glad you’re home and that you both enjoyed your Valentine’s together!

    The bandaid. OMGoodness that was too funny. And I bet he was just all smiles, too!

    Have a great week,

  8. Sounds like a wonderful homecoming!

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