Not Me Monday

I encourage you to join the fun of Not Me Monday over at MckMama’s blog, who by the way was named #1 Mom blogger of 2008 by the fab gals at MomDot.

And now to my not me’s:

~I did not cry like a baby while at the movie, Marley and Me. Some movies should be rated NT for will need tissues. And I did not read the book so I should not have known how the movie would end and anticipate that it would get to me- if I had I would have brought tissues- duh!

~I did not lock my keys in the car while picking up a prescription. This did not cause me to cry in the middle of a parking lot with bags from the grocery store ON THE GROUND (where else could I not put them?). My kids were not looking at me like I was insane and were not saying supportive things like “I forgot how much fun it is to spend time with you mom”. If that had happened it would have made for a really bad day so I am glad it did not happen, aren’t you?

~I did not glance at the Christmas tree all weekend and think “someone really needs to take that down”. I did not decide instead to join my hubby in watching the Rocky marathon on Friday, spending my Kohl’s cash on Saturday and hanging out with my family on Sunday. My tree is not still staring at me, begging me to get back on schedule and put it away. Nothing in my house would be that used to routine that it would notice when I am not following my annual holiday decorating schedule.

~I did not misjudge the size of my chihuahua’s new Christmas sweater so that it was a little too baggy. He did not pee all over it the first time he lifted his leg on a bush because it was too big and in the way. I did not yell at him as if he had bought the sweater in the wrong size.

Reading these I am so relieved that none of these things occured this week because I would really have to assume (had these things happened, which they did not) that my hormones *gasp* might have been a little haywire this week. Of course that is not the case and if it was I am the only one that would be allowed to mention that- if the hubby blamed any of the above on PMS it would be “off with his head” (which one would be my perogative hehe).

What did you not do this week, gals?


  1. Named Alicia says:

    Oh you are too funny my friend! Our Christmas tree is down, but only because hubby took it down. There are still boxes & decorations & wrapping paper around. Maybe they will get put away within the next day or two…maybe!

  2. LOL – all things I can see me doing. Yelling at the dog peeing on his sweater is laugh out loud funny….

  3. Hahaha…..I have secretly been hoping that a magic fairy will take down my tree……

  4. He And Me + 3 says:

    Those were great…and the dog sweater was hilarious.

  5. I'm putting off seeing Marley & Me until I'm in the mood for a happy/sad/crying movie. I've never blubbered so much reading one book! Good thing theaters are dark because I am not a pretty crier.

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