My Kiddo’s first birthdays

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I am still playing along for my birthday week and today we are invited to tell the story of our children’s first birthdays.
~As I adopted Jason I wasn’t there for his first birthday but his first birthday with us was his 6th birthday. It corresponded with the time that he arrived in our home and Easter so it was a big, family filled adventure. The cutest pic I have (which didn’t scan well or I would’ve shared) of that party is the three boys in the red wagon Jason got as a gift from his parents. They were all small enough to fit in their together. I love that photo.

~I was a young mama (got pregnant with Jared at 16, had him when I was 17) and it probably took the entire first year of his life for me to feel comfortable around him. He was born five weeks early, had no sucking reflex and spent time in the hospital after birth so it was difficult for me to bond with him right away. (meanwhile, my boyfriend (now hubby) bonded with no problem and they are still thick as thieves). But, by the time Jared was a year old, I was no longer scared he was going to break and had really evolved into my role as mama. His first birthday party was fun and in May so we celebrated my first mother’s day at the same time.

~Matthew’s first birthday was huge- he looooved tractors and we had a big tractor party, complete with Daddy giving rides on the back of his. Matt was already walking and into eveything and pulled some of his decorations down on himself.

This little exercise has shown me that I need to devote some time this year to getting some pictures scanned and on our computer. I don’t really have that many saved from pre-digital camera days LOL


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    I love to see pictures from the past. So cute.

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  3. Oh my gosh…you look sooooooooo young there! You look like you could be his older sister! time flies, huh??

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