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Pretty excited to participate in this blogger fun (and also excuse to publicly humiliate my children)

~I am not one of those that doesn’t use my last name, first name- heck I’ll give you my middle name (oops, I already do) and maiden name if you want. It doesn’t bother me. Hubby and I have talked about the “risks” of being on the internet but since I write for a living and use my full name- it just isn’t an issue for me. However, it is an issue for Jared, our twelve year old.

He has enjoyed the fact that I have become a blogger in the past year. The free stuff to play with while Mama writes reviews, the jokes and funny stories I tell about my blogger friends and the fact that my presence on the laptop provides them the illusion that I am not supervising them as closely (and then they are surprised when I say “get out of the cookie jar” hee, hee).

But, when this sentence left my mouth the other day “Oh, boy- that is gonna be a blog post” his opinion of my blogging did an abrupt about face and the conversation went something like this:
Well first a little background-

**For those of you that don’t follow this blog regularly (and why would that be, pray tell? 😉 Jared and I have a running battle about the length of his hair. He thinks it is cool to have enough hair to “flip” when in the presence of his “adoring fans” (his term for the 12 year old females that call my house to speak to MY son and I hang up on). I compromised with him about growing out his hair as long as he agreed to have it trimmed by my hairdresser before our church directory pictures- which he did without a fuss (he did fuss however about the matching outfits I made him and his little brother wear LOL).**

So, this hair length debate has been going on for at least eight months. Last week, we are driving in the car, on the way home from youth group, and I commented to Jared that his hair do was finally growing on me. He did not miss a beat and replied “Really? I was going to ask Dad to cut it this weekend”.

To which I replied- “you little snot, you have been doing this just to torture me”

His reply- “partly”

My reply- “oh,this is gonna be a blog post”

His reply- “you can’t write about me on your blog” (poor misinformed boy)

My reply- “Ummm, yeah I can and hate to break it to you but I already do on a regular basis. You can pretty much thank my readers for your basketball team’s successes this year”

His reply- “Well, that’s just great. Mom, you are so out of touch (can you believe these words of disrespect,sigh!) Don’t you know sexual predators are gonna come looking for me now?”

My reply- “Not if you cut your hair”.

Like I said, no problem finding humor in our house, or car in this case.
Happy Inauguration Day, folks!


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    Too funny…how they think cracks me up.

  2. lOL!! ok that is funny!! our fight isn’t over hair length (have i mentioned i love ROTC, well no because we just met hi, I am Tricia, insane mother of six, see you either get teenagers or sanity never both) when the topic of laughter came up i announced that I was blogging i had 6 eyes(the teenagers) all look at me with fear.. no mom not me..please.. haha.. dont you love control.. ::::bwahahaha:::::

  3. I can’t wait to have almost teenagers! It is so funny that they think they know everything.

  4. The Boyd Gang says:

    I can’t wait to have almost teenagers! So funny that they think they know everything. I commented under a different account earlier. Oops!

  5. That made me really laugh. What a good come back for a boy with hair way too long to be a boy. Just a Nana’s opinion…for whatever it’s worth. Way to go…

  6. Laurie Ann says:

    Bwaahahahahahaha!!!! I love it! Thanks for the laugh, Melissa!

  7. Great post! One of the funniest I’ve read by far!

    Thanks for sharing with all of us scary internet strangers!


  8. I saw you were following me. 🙂 I posted 3 new posts today! All about snow. Pretty pictures too.

  9. Monica @ Paper Bridges says:

    the nerve! tell him to get his own blog, then he can tell his side of the story. ha.

    my 9 yr. old boy likes his hair longish too. so weird he even cares. I didn’t can much about my hair until I was in high school.

  10. Alicia, The Snowflake says:

    Too funny! Sometimes I wonder what goes through their brains….well most of the time actually!

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