Birthdays with the family

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One of today’s questions is
What was the best part of a past birthday that you shared with your kids?

Well, last night my hubby and boys took me out for an early birthday dinner (Jared has a basketball game tomorrow night and we have church on Wednesdays). TMI? Sorry LOL. Anywhoo, we had a blast!

I enjoyed my kids when they were little and there are times I miss those days so bad it hurts. But, times like last night remind me of what smart, clever, witty, sweet young men they are turning into. Their company was enjoyable and they had me laughing till I peed myself (literally) Thank goodness, by that time we were in the car. Then they looked at me like I was crazy, which just made me laugh harder.

They ordered off the adult menu (steaks) and ate everything on their plates! The days of kids meals in our house are gone. Jared shared a dessert with me and Matt shared one with Mike. They sang Happy Birthday to me at the top of their lungs in the middle of a restuarant (I think the happy clappy waitresses would have garnered less attention to our table).

So, as far as spending birthdays with my guys, this one has been pretty good so far. And, thanks fellas, for making your mama feel loved (and old).


  1. Named Alicia says:

    Oh how fun! I’m glad to know there is joy in them getting older because I completely understand the missing the younger days. Oh how they grow up way too fast!

  2. He And Me + 3 says:

    What an awesome time. That is so cool. Your boys sound precious. On bad days, I can split 1 kids meal between all 3 of my kids and there is still some left over. They are terrible eaters. ugh.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. My 9yo DD can eat more then me…and probably more then her daddy. I don’t know how she does it and stays so skinny.

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