Short end of the stick

Apparently Tuesdays are turning into basketball inspired posts. (Well, this is sorta related, just stay with me here) My kids are SHORT. I don’t understand the problem. My hubby is 6’2″ and I’m average 5’5″. Jared is 4’9″, which doesn’t sound bad for a 12 1/2 year old until you put him in a middle school basketball team and there are children (who really must not be children, they have to be adults that have just failed 7th grade 6 or 7 times) that are a full foot or more taller than him.
Are these kids on steroids? miracle grow? do you sprinkle some special powder in their Wheaties? If you do, please tell me where to get it so my poor child is not jumping up and down trying to play defense against these giants (which he does really well, I must add).
Matt is no taller, in fact he had a growth hormone deficiency when he was smaller and didn’t grow out of 5T clothes until he was eight years old!
My MIL and hubby reassure me that he was small too until he hit 13 and then started shooting up like Jack and the beanstalk until he hit over six feet. Right now, I’ll be happy if these boys hit 5’9″.
Am I the only mom that worries about such things? Another thing I obsess over that I can’t control. But, I want my boys to be able to be chivalrous men that can reach items on high shelves for little old ladies and put the angels on top of Christmas trees someday.
If any of you are mama’s of giant (I mean, normal sized children) will you share your secrets with me so I can stop worrying about their future wives being subjected to a life of flat shoes?
Happy Tuesday…


  1. mommaof4wife2r says:

    so is it wrong for me to worry that i’m almost 40 and 4’10”?? seriously…i def got a bad deal!

  2. Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama says:

    You’re a girl so you are petite πŸ™‚ LOL

  3. I am Harriet says:

    Been there….

  4. I understand your concern. Our boys are from Guatemala and they are not known for height.

    We have three boys soon to be four. NOT one is tall. They are all growing but I can’t imagine any of them over 5’6″. Thank God there are plenty of tiny women.


  5. Named Alicia says:

    My son is short for his age too. People are always commenting about his size. He is 11 and just now starting to hit somewhat of a growth spurt. But boys that are younger than him are still taller than him.

    We had to go to a neurologist for a while because of headaches. The N. was concerned about his lack of height, but said nothing was wrong on the mri. He asked my son when was he going to grow.

    Hubby is 6’2″, but he was 4’9″ when he started high school. He grew 12″ in 13 mths. I am expecting our son to do the same.

    So hang in there! There’s still time!

  6. He And Me + 3 says:

    My kids are tall for their ages, but both Secret Agent and I are tall. My husband worries about it, but when they are little I want to keep them that way. My babies were not babies long because they were so long and tall. πŸ™ HOpe your boys sprout soon:)

  7. Just came across your blog from RR. Just to let you know, I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 5’6″. (I swore I’d never date anyone shorter than me.) He is the most wonderful, thoughtful man I know. He’s very chivalrous. I have 3 sons. Not all biological. Not sure which will be tall (if any) and which will be on the shorter side. I don’t worry too much. I just want to make sure I can help them be happy in the body they were given. Not sure how to do that. But that is my goal.


  8. count us in on the short end of the stick. It is okay for my petite girls to be petite. In that my 5 year old wears a 4T and my 2.5 year old wears 12-18 months clothing and very petite.

    However, my son, my oldest child is 8 years old and wears the same size as his 5 year old sister. He wears a 4T and some 5 T’s with alterations…he is just maybe 3 inches or so taller than his 5 year old sister. We are supposed to go to an endocrine specialist in Jan. However, we have had him tested before with no lack of growth hormone…….he is just well…..short. My great grandfather was only 5 feet tall I am 5 feet tall, dh is 5 feet 8, maybe 5 feet 9 if he stands real tall….LOL. so I hear ya. people think my oldest and my middle are boy and girl twins. People try and treat him like he is a 4 or 5 year old…he does not take kindly to this at all….LOL. But he has a mighty brain and the faith of little David. so I guess over all it works out but while it is okay for girls to be petite and small…its not so much…with my son……where others are concerned.

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