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I missed last week’s Not Me’s with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and I missed it! I missed reading everyone’s confessions and making a few of my own. But, I’m back (that sounds a little scary, huh?) and here are the things I did not do this past week, because I am too full of self control to act like a crazy woman!

~I did not overreact when my husband “accidentally” deleted the pictures from my new digital camera. They were only the pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I mean, who would get upset about that? Certainly not me!

~I did not buy my doggies Christmas presents and wrap them like I did the kiddos gifts. I don’t think my babies, I mean my dogs, are human or anything. I know their feelings wouldn’t be hurt if they didn’t get presents too. I am not that silly.

~I did not ignore the voice in my head that told me all those chocolate goodies were going straight to my tummy and hips and keep on eating all week long. I did not feel bloated, uncomfortable and in need of bigger pants. I know my limits and I don’t overstep them.

~I did not skip blogging all week because I could not find time to even get near the computer. I did not miss it to the point of dreaming about my laptop and imagining things I could skip doing that I could go jump on the computer for a little while. I am not addicted to blogging- no way, no how.

~I did not laugh at all the first time parents who brought their toddlers to the Christmas Eve candlelight service. These people actually expected their one and two year olds to sit still for an hour and a half of special music and scripture reading in the dark. I did not chuckle to myself remembering the days when my hubby and I would have done the same thing. I did not enjoy these parents discomfort, that would be mean and wrong (yet, still funny). There is nothing like a mama trying to wrestle with a two year old, discreetly. LOL

So, my friends….what did you not do this holiday week? Please do share!


  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    OMGosh, I was one of those parents. My stunt Man cried the whole hour in the foyer, because he missed his nap that day and wanted to go to the nursery…but there was no nursery that night. Ugh…Thank God my dad is the pastor so everyone just ignores us. LOL He was still really loud. *sigh*
    Great list! Glad you are back:)

  2. Named Alicia says:

    Too cute! I know what you mean about missing a week! How did that happen?!?! And I was not writing blog posts in my head during that time!

  3. Oh man..I would not be upset either if my hubby erased those pictures!! Of course not!!!! LOL

    Your list was great!! I know what you mean about the kids in the Christmas Eve service! I’m sooo past that stage, thank goodness!!!

  4. I think all pet owner’s are guilty of wrapping presents for them! I even do it for my mom’s cats and brother’s dog 🙂

    Sorry about the pictures too! I certainly would not have overreacted either.

  5. yeah I once did the try to keep the baby quiet thing…….Christopher was a newborn, with SENSORY ISSUES to loudness and bright lights…….see…..loud Christmas music at which decibels I have no idea why they needed it that way……add spotlights and special effects strobing on the stage……yeah……..went over big with him and he was only a few weeks old and I had to leave…….LOL. He was so scared he screamed his wee tiny head OFF! That day…..I promised NEVER again……after he promptly threw up his bottle all over me(thanks to an undiagnosed milk allergy)……yeah……..never did Christmas eve with a little one again…….LOL.

    as for the digital camera…… dh knows BETTER than to even try to do anything to it. LOL. I am paranoid about accidently erasing pictures……

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