I have so many things that I am deeply grateful for this year. It has been such an exhausting roller coaster ride and part of me is thankful just that 2008 is coming to an end. But, at the same time, I do not want to hastily forget the lessons I have learned from the challenges I have faced this year. I am thankful for the lessons God has shown me, the loving discipline He has provided and the relentless grace and compassion available through the blood of His son.

In addition, I am thankful for:
~My man. He has been my rock since the day I met him. Not much phases him and he loves me unconditionally. He is not always happy with the way I act or the choices I make but he will back me up and support me regardless. Having that type of loyalty in your life is priceless. Not to mention, he is not hard on the eyes 🙂

~My boys. They are all at ages where they really challenge me and some days I think “Why are we not warned about this adolescent stuff before we have kids?” How soon we forget what we put our loved ones through when we were drenched in hormones and angst. But, at the same time that they can be disrespectful, cranky, argumentative and stinky (they are boys) they can turn around and be the loving, sweet, thoughtful boys of last year. I am thankful that they still want to do things like make cookies with me, that they enjoy going to youth group twice a week, that they do their best at school, that they use impeccable manners in public (not so much at home) and that they are just good boys in general. These tween/teen years will pass (way too fast I’m told) and then they will start lives of their own. So, I am thankful for every minute in between now and then.

~My family and friends. God has blessed me with the perfect people to come along side me in my journey of late. He has provided people that comfort, people that hold me accountable, people that love, people that help, people that don’t give up. For each and every one of them I am thankful!

~The internet. That may seem dumb but I remember days when I could have used the wonderful connections the computer has provided for me. I have friends that I love that I have never and may never meet. I pray for people whose last names (and some of their first names) I don’t even know. These cyber friends have brought me comfort, educated me, supported me, cheered me on, given me advice and checked in on me all year. I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you too!
And for all the things we take for granted- health, food, shelter, amenities that some people in our own country do not know- I am thankful for each one. I am thankful to be alive in a time where a black man can be elected President. I am thankful to be alive. Period.

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