Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and today we are supposed to list random things we are thankful for. So, I am going to do a week in review and give thanks to God for all the “God stops” as Beth Moore would call them, that I have had this week.
Friday: Even though I may not have liked the news at the doctor’s appointment, God was there to remind me that He is in control. I am so thankful that I do not have to be subject to a spirit of fear and dread, but am filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit!
Saturday: Thankful for time alone with my hubby- we had a date! Thankful that after our date we went grocery shopping as a family. Thankful that God provides for all our needs!
Sunday: Thankful for the fellowship with other believers and Pastor Ed’s sermon that spoke right to my heart!
Monday: Thankful for the people on the worship team with me and that we got to not only practice but celebrate two birthdays at practice and that they all liked the cupcakes I made….and thankful I remembered to make them LOL
Tuesday: Thankful for my hubby, who is always my voice of reason when I get overwhelmed and discouraged. Through him and opening God’s word I received confirmation and courage to undertake things I wouldn’t have felt adequate to undertake otherwise.
Wednesday: Thankful for my kid’s good grades. Despite the fact that they are tweens and all the angst that comes with that age, they are good boys and I am so thankful for that. Their report cards were awesome and they try really hard to be helpful to their dad and I. I am also thankful for our Wednesday evening service- a time to just get my spiritual cup filled- we all need that sometimes!
And I am thankful for Thankful Thursday- it always provides the opportunity to look for the positive in a week that may have been filled with alot of other “junk”. And, oh yeah- I am thankful for our new President Elect!!

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