Praying for our kids

A fellow blogger, Angie Smith, has started a beautiful concept of praying for our kids every day! Not that I don’t pray for my kids, but this is promoting a more conscious, concerted effort to pray Scripture over your children each day. I love this idea and Angie provides several scriptures to get you started on her blog.
As I was praying for my boys today, my mind fell to President Elect Barack Obama’s children. Regardless of whether you voted for him or not, those sweet little girls lives are about to drastically change. No matter how their parents have prepared them for the scrutiny and privilege they are going to encounter living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they aren’t going to “get it” until they arrive and experience it for themselves. So, as I am praying for my special guys over the next few months I am also going to pray for Malia and Sascha Obama. And I encourage mothers and believers everywhere to do the same thing.
God bless America and the soon to be First Family!

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