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Not Me Monday

Woo hoo, it is Monday again and time for a dose of brutal honesty! These are the things I did not do this week. Feel free to join in the fun, visit MckMama’s blog for more info. ~I did not go back up to the buffet at our favorite Chinese restaurant three times to getContinue Reading

Mama to a future NBA star…

in his dreams! But Jared did make it through an entire week of tryouts for the 7th grade basketball team and made the first cut from 24 kids to 18 and the LAST cut from 18 to 12. The boy made the team! He is officially a Spring Mills Patriot and nearly bursting with prideContinue Reading

New Look, Same Blog

Let this be a lesson to all of you non-HTML gifted, CSS ignorant, technologically challenged bloggers out there (unless I am the only one) DO NOT attempt to change hosts, blog design, etc without professional assistance!!! My wordpress blog is lost in cyberspace right now and while Momwebs and GoDaddy are being very helpful itContinue Reading

Courtesy of MckMama and her fun meme I am now participating in Not me, Monday’s. This is where we get to be brutally honest at our own expense about the prior week. I have been lurking on her blog anyway because she has a beautiful story to tell of faith and the power of prayer.Continue Reading

Praying for our kids

A fellow blogger, Angie Smith, has started a beautiful concept of praying for our kids every day! Not that I don’t pray for my kids, but this is promoting a more conscious, concerted effort to pray Scripture over your children each day. I love this idea and Angie provides several scriptures to get you startedContinue Reading

Daggone NaBloPoMo

Well, I came close to forgetting that I needed to post today… For those of you that have not taken the bloggers challenge, you can find more info here. I am sitting here writing this post after a day of quality time with my hubby. The kids went to my grandparents this morning and willContinue Reading

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and today we are supposed to list random things we are thankful for. So, I am going to do a week in review and give thanks to God for all the “God stops” as Beth Moore would call them, that I have had this week.Friday: Even though I may not haveContinue Reading

My Election Day Post

I have a guest blogger today: my eleven year old, Matt. This is the child, from my previous post, in which I feared he was turning into a McCain supporter on me. I encouraged him to get online and research where each candidate stood on the issues and apparently teachers encouraged the same thing. TheContinue Reading

Burst my Bubble

Can I just say parenting isn’t easy? Can I get an amen on that one? They make look sweet and innocent but when the adolescent aliens come to invade their once sweet and loving demeanors and leave in their place eye-rolling, back-talking, argumentative tweens- life is just not the same.We have been fighting the “IContinue Reading

Holy Rest

Rest is holy. That is a difficult concept at times for this multi-tasking mama! Most of my life I thought that my worth and value was directly related to my contribution to the world- be it through my performance as a mom, a wife, a friend, an employee, a volunteer, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, andContinue Reading