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I have a guest blogger today: my eleven year old, Matt. This is the child, from my previous post, in which I feared he was turning into a McCain supporter on me. I encouraged him to get online and research where each candidate stood on the issues and apparently teachers encouraged the same thing. The following is an essay he wrote for his social studies class. He got an “a” by the way, which surprised me- we do live in West Virginia I thought we could all use a smile today and no matter which candidate you support- Matt’s opinions will make you smile! And the indented lines are where mama couldn’t keep quiet and just had to comment on his opinions
Barack Obama is the best candidate for the President of the United States of America. You should vote for Barack Obama this election day for many reasons. He is against animal experimentation, he cares about technology and he wants to raise taxes for the rich and big business. Voting for Obama is the right choice.
There are many issues that will affect the future of the United States. One of those is animal experimentation. (really?) The first reason you should vote for Obama is that he doesn’t believe that we should experiment on animals. I think animals have rights to, so they should have a right to live. (you have to remember this is the kid that cried over the lizards that died that we had for all of a month). Vets love animals so they wouldn’t really have a job if all the animals are dead! (Okay, a point I had not considered;-). McCain wants to kill the animals, because he doesn’t care about them (he probably doesn’t even know which house his pets reside in). Animal experimentation is an important issue facing our country today, and Obama has a thoughtful plan to not test on animals. Can the same be said about John McCain?
Another reason you should vote for Barack Obama is that he cares about technology. He wants to protect children from the open-mindedness of the internet (huh?). He doesn’t want cyber bullies to bully other children on the internet. His plan about technology is another reason you should vote Obama for President.
The last reason (no, Matt- the last reason you are mentioning in your one page essay) you should vote for Obama is that he is going to raise taxes for the rich and big business. He wants to raise taxes on the rich, because he thinks the poor should have a home to. And he wants to lower taxes for the poor so they can afford their bills. There are people that can’t buy food and stuff and they need more money in the economy. This is important to our next President, because he wants poor people to be able to live in nice comfortable homes too (I am proud that Matt is thankful for his home and worries about those less fortunate- good boy!). This is another reason you should vote for Barack Obama for President.
Barack Obama has shown himself to be a leader, and some one to look up to. He cares about animals, technology, taxes and people. Most importantly, he has plans to help people. All of these reasons and many more, are why Barack Obama is the best choice for President of the United States of America. Please go and vote for Obama. Make your voice be heard and help choose the best leader for our country.
My heart runneth over with motherly pride and my stomach hurts from laughing. Happy Election Day!

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