Walking in Obedience

I will cry to God Most High, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me- Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them. Psalm 57:2
This verse is yet another promise from God that He has everything under control, is working my circumstances toward good and His glory and will complete the purpose He has me here for is His time. So, why in the world do I feel like I am floundering sometimes? Why do I feel like I must be missing my calling or not hearing God? How can what God is calling me to do be to not do much? That goes against – oh, yeah- it goes against my perfectionistic, overaccomplishing, driven, ambitious FLESH!!
Right now, sitting here, only allowed to drive locally, not able to handle the hectic schedule I was juggling prior to my hospitalization, I am at peace. My family is happier having me home when they arrive from school and work. I am helping our family save money just in the gas that I used driving from meeting to meeting and task to task. I am spending so much more time in the Word than I have in the past. I am walking in obedience to what God is asking me to do, even though it doesn’t make sense to my mind, my intellect, my flesh. It makes perfect sense to my soul and my heart- and I hold on to the promise of Psalm 57:2 that as I step out in obedience of what the Holy Spirit is convicting me to do (be still- stay still- stop going going going like the energizer bunny and be still!) the Lord will complete my purpose and this is where He wants me to be right now. I don’t need to understand it to obey Him. The place I am right now is called walking in obedience- walking by faith, not by sight and I am okay with that.

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