Thankful Thursday

This week’s theme for Thankful Thursday is our five senses. How fun to think of the ways that I am thankful for my senses. We can take them for granted. In March I had optic neuritis in my left eye and couldn’t see very well at all. When (after IV steroids, followed by oral steroids and God’s healing hand on me) I regained my sight I was so thankful. And that experience has made me much more sensitive to appreciating the use of all my senses! I am going to apply this to my week (as much as I can)
1. I am thankful for my sight. In addition to the reasons above, I love autumn! I enjoy being able to see the leaves change and fall from the trees. I am thankful I can see to read all the wonderful and encouraging posts of my blogger friends. I am thankful I can see to watch my kids participate in Red Ribbon Week this week- tweens wearing crazy socks, hats, etc. is a sight to behold!
2. I am thankful for my hearing. I can hear my husband call to check on my every day, which is so sweet and so predictable. I can listen to the teaching and wisdom of my pastors. I can hear music, which is at times my lifeline. It is like an infusion of the Holy Spirit- just me, God and my MP3. I am thankful to hear my chihuahua, Miles bark and go crazy when there are deer in the yard.
3. I am thankful for my sense of smell (although at times living with all guys it can be a curse LOL). This time of year I can inhale the scent of pumkin spice lattes, apple cider and all the other wonderful scents of fall. I love the smell of my hubby’s leather jacket when we are riding the motorcycle together. The smell of my kid’s heads fresh out of the shower (yes, I have to smell to make sure they used shampoo- they are boys).
4. I am thankful for my sense of taste. Again, this time of year is great for some of my favorite foods- chili, cornbread, homemade beef stew, lentil stew- I could go on. I also enjoy the pumpkin flavored coffees, gingerbread cookies- you know I’m just a foodie at heart.
5. I am thankful for my sense of touch. Now, let it be known (as most of my friends already know) I AM NOT a hugger. But, I do love the feel of comfy clothes, my favorite “piggy” blanket when I take a nap, my hubby’s big hugs (the only ones I like:-), I love warm gloves when my hands are cold and fuzzy slipper socks when my feet are cold.
I praise you, Lord because we are fearfully and wonderfully made with the ability, through our senses, to enjoy all these little blessings in our lives.

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