So Different, Yet Friends

One is blond, the other has jet dark hair. One has braces, the other glasses. One is athletic, the other looks for ways to avoid physical activity. One is shy, the other outspoken. One is popular, the other doesn’t want to be popular. One is organized, the other is disheveled. Yet, they are friends.

Have you ever wondered how you can give birth to two humans (only 16 months apart from each other) and they can be so completely different? Jared is going out for the basketball team and has played some type of organized sport since he was in kindergarten. Matt just joined the chess club and for the first Halloween in five years, he is going to be something other than Darth Vader (he is going to be Yoda).

Jared is an overachiever. He is upset if he gets a grade below an “A” (I have no idea where he inherited the perfectionist gene from LOL). Matt could care less about his grades. He puts his efforts into the subjects that interest him and doesn’t see the point in effort in the subjects that bore him. Jared has a plan (NBA player) for his future. At his mother’s insistence (I don’t think the boy is going to even make 6 ft. tall), he also has a back-up plan (being a lawyer). Matt changes his plans for the future like he changes his underwear (once a week LOL). Whatever he fancies at the moment is what he thinks he will do for the rest of his life.

They are so different yet they are brothers and friends. They can spend hours outside, working on their treehouse fort, hiking in the woods, riding their bikes. Matt will humor Jared and play basketball in exchange for Jared playing video games with him. They look out for each other at school. In fact, Matt stood up for Jared this weekend and ending up getting punched. (yes, little brother stepping in for big brother- how sweet

When I look at them, it is so incredible to think that God created their inmost being and knit them together in my womb (Psalm 139:13). They are created specifically for the purposes He has in mind for them. They are wonderfully designed for what lays ahead. Even though I carried them in my womb (and I want extra points for all the bedrest, incompetent cervix issues, magnesium sulfate, etc, etc, etc.) God designed them. That is why they come from me but are so different.

The next time I am frustrated with the sarcasm that comes with being twelve, the inexplicable avoidance of all things hygiene related, the bickering of sibling rivalry, the offense taken at suggesting they do not know everything quite yet- I will stop and remember that they were lovingly created by my God with a purpose and design in mind. It is my job (and hubby’s) to nurture, develop and appreciate that about them. Different, yet special. Different, yet family. Different, yet friends.


  1. that’s great the get along so well. my two boys are better at getting along, but still have issues. I’m hoping it comes with maturity. 9 and 6 now; if they aren’t best buds by 12.. argh!!! 🙂


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