Multitasking Mamas Unite

As women, we are constantly striving to achieve this foreign concept known as “balance”. Professionally, I am dedicated to helping women find ways to simplify their lives and make time for the really important things. The moments with our kids and families that slip away if we let them: the field trip chaperoning, the Mom Taxi “driving”, the first steps, first words, first dates. Wherever you are on your journey through motherhood you are multi-tasking. Thankfully, God designed our female brains to be able to handle this task far easier than our male counterparts.
But it is still difficult. There are only so many hours in a day and so much patience, mercy and “give” in each of us. Professional organizers exist to help you find ways to make this journey easier. That is why I love my job.
But it is also important to remember that a lot of our stress and chaos comes from unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves and each other. We try to be super-mom’s and wonder why we constantly seem exhausted rather than fulfilled. Then there is the constant debates between those moms that work “outside” of the home and those of us that work at or from home. I have been on every side of that debate- SAHM, WAHM, work my butt off for corporate America mom and you know what? I had the same misgivings and feelings of inadequacy no matter where I worked or didn’t work. Because my expectations of myself never changed.
That is the root of our problem ladies! Let’s get organized enough to make routines easier and things flow smoother. But, let’s not forget that if we say “yes” to every volunteer activity, try to make every costume handmade and get a promotion all at the same time, no amount of organization will make us feel any less overwhelmed.
Choose your multi-tasking carefully. Become more organized and most importantly- let’s cut ourselves some slack!!


  1. Can I shout a HUGE AMEN!!!???

    I have served as the SAHM-WAHM (my favorite) and NOW am in the WMBOM category…I feel the stress and pressure daily!

    You are RIGHT on target with this!

  2. Cut me some slack will ya?!!!!!!

    That’s what I want to scream everyday. I can learn so much from and you and your miraculous multitasking, hun!


  3. And don’t forget to pray and ask God for guidance.

    God bless all multi-tasking moms.

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