Exercise for Life

admit it, I am not a fan of exercise. I am a girlie girl and sweating is not one of my favorite things to do. I also deal with chronic pain issues related to MS and fatigue and suffice it to say, I have plenty of excuses to not exercise. But, I also know the benefits of exercising. The word exercise comes from a Latin root, meaning “to maintain, to keep, to ward off”.

I teach a class for seniors about maintaining their brain in order to “ward off” memory loss. Exercise has benefits for your brain’s health, not just your physical health. When you have a neurological disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, you are naturally interested in anything that benefits the health of your brain. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins- which are feel good chemicals. So, not only is exercise beneficial to your brain’s health, but also to your mental health. It is a natural stress reliever.

I share these things with you friends, because these are the facts that encourage me to get on the exercise bike in the morning, even when I don’t feel like it. To take a walk with the dog, even though my body hurts and I am tired. Our bodies are temples, housing the very Spirit of God if we have invited him in. We have to take care of those temples no matter how many excuses we have not to.

Start small- walk to the mailbox. Practice some deep breathing techniques, but whatever you do- make exercise a part of your daily routine. For your physical health, emotional health and cognitive health- get up and exercise!!

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